Little Voice season 1, episode 3 recap – what happens in “Dear Hope”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 10, 2020
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Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 3 - Dear Hope


Episode 3 is not really about Bess, it’s about the struggles of a young woman battling with a cruel world while facing the prospect of coming out.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 3, “Dear Hope” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 3, “Dear Hope” open?

Bess needs to write a song for competition within a day. And then she learns something about her friend Prisha — the reason she isn’t bothered about the dates her parents arrange is because she’s gay and she sees her kissing a woman in a park. Shockingly, Prisha is then attacked by homophobic men and has to go to the hospital with a head wound. At the hospital, Prisha lies to her parents about why she was attacked. Episode 3 is not really about Bess, it’s about the struggles of a young woman battling with a cruel world while internalizing the prospect of coming out.

The job interview

Bess then meets her brother Louie to prepare and support him for his job interview. The interview doesn’t go well, with Louie splurging out his theatre knowledge rather than answering the questions properly. He doesn’t get the job and he’s understandably upset.


Back in the hospital, Prisha tells her girlfriend that her parents will not be ‘accepting’ if they find out. Her girlfriend explains when she came out to her parents she was kicked out of the house but she cannot live a lie and that it is their loss. She believes Prisha’s parents may be more accepting than she thinks.

I’ve never met anyone like you

Bess is struggling to write her song about hope after a hopeless day — Little Voice is a little too obvious sometimes and this moment here is an example of that. While walking home, Ethan talks to her. He mentions that he has never met anyone like Bess and that not telling her about his girlfriend initially was a mistake. Ethan asks if they can be friends. She agrees. While walking to their storage units to finish their projects, Ethan tells Bess she looks sad. Bess ponders whether there is hope in the world anymore after the attack on Prisha. Ethan and Bess continue talking and there’s obviously something there between them — at one point they almost accidentally hold hands.

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 3, “Dear Hope” end?

In the storage unit, Bess practices her song “Dear Hope” and she manages to submit the song to the competition on time. The next morning, Bess asks Prisha why she didn’t tell her that she is gay. Prisha explains that she didn’t know how to talk about it and got used to tucking it away. Bess tells Prisha to not listen to the “f*cked up” people out there. Prisha gets upset and explains her parents gave up everything for her but Bess pushes back and says her parents love her and want her to be happy. As Prisha walks off upset, Bess says “I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you look at her”. The third episode highlights what happens to young people every day and I’m sure this chapter will be relatable.

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