Allegiance Arts Advance Previews for July – UK Exclusive!

July 11, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

Allegiance Arts Advance Previews for July 2020.

July sees the 2nd issues of Allegiance Arts titles hitting the shelves in Walmart. Here in the UK we are still not able to pick them up, but luckily the good folks at Allegiance have sent me some previews, so here’s a quick look at Red Rooster #2, Norah’s Saga #2, Bass Reeves #2 and The Futurists #2.

The titles from this fledgling company are currently only available from Walmart, and that makes it difficult for comic fans in the UK to get on board, however the good news is that the company itself has not forgotten about us, they are currently looking at ways to get the books over here.

From purely a comic reading experience, so far all four titles I have read have been solidly produced comic books.

The books themselves all have interesting and readable premises at their core.

Red Rooster #2, written by Mark Pellegrini with art by Mitch Breitweiser, is a study of Golden Age superheroics, and that suits me just fine. Ms Midnight discovers a diabolical plan, and friendships are tested in this second episode. The villains are plotting their revenge on Red Rooster, and Pilgrim Shadow makes an appearance with some bad news.

Breitweiser’s scratchy art style is reminiscent of more European graphic novels and it’s a style suited to this title that is grounded in reality despite the superheroics. Pellegrini keeps the story moving forward, and we finish on a showdown, and cliffhanger to bring us back next time.

Bass Reeves issue #2 is a tale of Western adventure, based on the real life story of Sheriff Bass Reeves.

Written by Kevin Greivoux and with art by David Williams, we follow the career of Bass from Slave to Lawman to Legend. Issue #2 continues the legend, but there’s trouble at home for Bass as son Benjy falls foul of the law leading Bass to have to think about where his real duties lie. Meanwhile trouble of a more violent kind is rearing it’s head as Yah Kee makes his move.

Western fans will love this book, and it is written with heart. The conversation with Bass and the local pastor gives us a deeper look at the character, and seems to be setting us up for the upcoming episodes.

Norah’s Saga issue #2 is from writer Blake Northcote and artist Kelsey Shannon. Norah has found herself in a strange new world, and accused of being a witch in this fantasy tale, and her cell phone isn’t helping matters.

With perhaps a younger audience in mind than the previous two titles, Norah’s Saga is engaging and exciting and the premise, modern day character embroiled in the machinations of an ancient race, is easy to latch onto and enjoy. With stone circles, visions of the world she has left and a battery life slowly ticking away, Norah’s Saga continues to be an entertaining title that Disney should have filmed instead of Artemis Fowl.

The final book from the company is The Futurists #2 from writer Patrick Stiles and artist Butch Guice. With dangerous cults, terrifying monsters, macabre plots and exotic mysteries, this thrilling adventure story is laced with devil may care heroes and hidden lands,

Issue #2 starts with a bang, and a daring escape before leading us to a girls school in Scotland ten years later. There we get a bit more back story, with a young girl trying to defend her father’s name from the mean girls at the school, and an apparition and a letter decide her fate for her.

The Futurists issue #2 expands the elements from the first issue and gives us a bit more insight into the characters in this world. The art from Guice is of course excellent and the writing is well-paced even over the disparate settings.

All in all, this is another strong round of releases from Allegiance Arts, with the creative teams on all the books keeping the standard high for their second issues.

Hopefully, more people will get on board with these titles that cover a lot of different genres and it won’t be long before they receive a bigger, more worldwide distribution.

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