Was It Love? episode 3 recap and breakdown – female perspective

July 15, 2020
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Episode 3 provides further context to Dae-o’s story as he battles with Ae-jeong’s life problems in an intriguing chapter.

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Episode 3 provides further context to Dae-o’s story as he battles with Ae-jeong’s life problems in an intriguing chapter.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 3 open?

Episode 3 opens up with Ha-nee looking at the book she has found which states her father is Yeon-woo; everything points to her teacher but she needs to make sure. Ae-jeong’s mother invites Yeon-woo over. Ha-nee is now curious about who her father is.

A strange contract

Ae-jeong and Dae-o head to a cafe. She still wants him to work on the film. Dae-o asks where she has been for the last 14 years. Ae-jeong states if he works on the project, she will explain why they broke up. He laughs, claiming he doesn’t want to know why they broke up and is not interested in saving her life. Ae-jeong is furious, stating breaking up with him is the best thing she ever did and if he ever wants to finish his story, he must work with her rather than being a shameless author. Ae-jeong showed her strength in this scene, stopping Dae-o from playing the mind games and giving him a slice of reality.

Dinner with potential daddy

At dinner, Ha-nee asks Yeon-woo if he shares memories of her mother but her grandmother keeps interrupting her. The grandmother gets excited and offers Yeon-woo a place to stay. As Yeon-woo leaves, Ha-nee asks him if he had a relationship with her mother. Yeon-woo has a sad face on him and says her mother is someone he wanted to look after.

Still bitter

In a flashback, Dae-o and Ae-jeong develop a relationship rather quickly and in the present day, Dae-o crumples a memory of a photo together. He’s still bitter and resentful. Episode 3 demonstrates how Dae-o eventually makes a u-turn and realizes he needs her just as much as she needs him.

What about the female perspective?

In a lecture, Dae-o is asked where his emotions came from in “Love is Nonexistent” from a female perspective. Dae-o struggles to answer the question, and it dawns on him that Ae-jeong is right — to complete the story, he needs her; he wrote the story because he never knew why they broke up.

The paternity test

Ha-nee and Dong-chan have lunch together; Ha-nee asks how would you know if someone is your father. Dong-chan wisely suggests she’d need more information. Ha-nee wants to do a paternity test disguised by a tenant agreement. I do not recollect having such smart planning at my age to this level.

1.05 billion won

In the meeting between Koo Pa-do, Ae-jeong, and Dae-o, Dae-o suggests he is going to sue Ae-jeong but the investor brings up that the profit the movie makes will repay her debt. He references 1.05 billion won — Ae-jeong is embarrassed that this conversation is happening in front of Dae-o and promises him she will pay him back before walking out. At least now Dae-o has context to the situation — you can sense he feels sorry for the scenario she is in. Koo Pa-do tells Dae-o that she’s lost a lot because of him which compounds the guilt on him.

People will talk

At the halfway point of Was It Love? episode 3, when Ae-jeong returns home, Yeon-woo has moved in and he’s doing the dishes. She asks her mother and daughter why they let this happen without letting her know. Ae-jeong is furious, feeling people will talk if they see the teacher leaving the house. Too much is happening to Ae-jeong and she’s falling apart.

Exciting and non-exciting news

Dae-o gets an update from his agent that they can make it big in a new Hollywood deal that involves “Love is Nonexistent” but he doesn’t seem happy. Meanwhile, Ryu Jin hasn’t got himself a good role in a new Hollywood movie — he’s the third lead and his agency is not happy. Ryu Jin walks in and states that even a small role can be an experience. When Ryu Jin leaves the room, he cries.

They used to be such good friends

Ae-jeong and her mother finally make peace. Her mother makes her aware she’s brought memories down from the attic from when she was a young girl. She remembers doing a film with Dae-o (director) and Ryu Jin (the male lead). They seem like such a good group of friends.

Career chat

Dae-o and Ryu Jin have dinner together and they talk Hollywood. Dae-o explains that Hollywood wants to do “Love is Nonexistent” and that Ae-jeong will have regret for the rest of her life. Ryu Jin reminds him that he never finished his story because the male lead doesn’t understand why the love of his life broke up with him.

Yeon-woo makes Ae-jeong smile

The next morning, Yeon-woo buys Ae-jeong a chilled drink. She apologizes for being mad at him the night before and explains that she’s going through a lot. He manages to make her smile.

How does Was It Love? episode 3 end?

Ha-nee looks at her mother’s old phone with Dong-chan to see if they can find any information. She cannot find anything that links to Yeon-woo. She uses the phone to text an unknown number and Ryu Jin receives it — the text asks if he knew Ae-jeong.

Another production company asks Ae-jeong for the rights over Cheon Eok-man’s story. She gets emotional and asks why they don’t let her join their company. Dae-o walks over and announced he’s going to sign a contract with Ae-jeong. As they walk out, Ae-jeong asks if he’s trying to torment her. Dae-o explains he wants her to produce his work and that it isn’t out of pity. He offers a handshake and she remembers the time she helped him out of water when younger — Ae-jeong shakes it. In the distance, Yeon-woo sees what’s happening and looks upset. Episode 3 provides further context to Dae-o’s story as he battles with Ae-jeong’s life problems in an intriguing chapter.

Additional points
  • Koo Pa-do gets into a gang fight near the harbor and he can fight well. One of his men tells Koo Pa-do that it feels like he is indebted to Ae-jeong when it should be the other way round.

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