Was It Love? episode 4 recap and breakdown – it gets more complicated for Ae-jeong

July 16, 2020
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Episode 4 complicates Ae-jeong’s life even more as the men continue to be at war with each other due to misinformation.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 4 open?

Yeon-woo introduces himself to Dae-o and states that he cannot wait to introduce him to the school realising he is the writer; Dae-o becomes worried when he learns Yeon-woo lives with Ae-jeong and they end up having a firm handshake together. Dae-o believes Yeon-woo is her husband. I’m not even sure what Ae-jeong is in anymore — is it a love triangle or a love square or more? Episode 4 makes it even more complicated for the lead character.

You two go way back

On the way home, Ae-jeong tells Yeon-woo that Dae-o toys with people’s lives. Yeon-woo questions how long they’ve known each other as Dae-o referenced that they go “way back”. Ae-jeong gets a little flustered about the subject. There’s clearly still feelings there that she doesn’t want Yeon-woo to know. Yeon-woo and Dae-o are getting jealous for the same reasons.


Ha-nee research’s Ryu Jin after realising that’s the name of the man texting her back. She realises it’s the famous Ryu Jin. She asks her mother whether she’s had a fling. She now has a new lead to who her father could be in her investigation.

I want to be the director

Ae-jeong needs to hire a cast and create a script and she’s frustrated by how many tasks she needs to do. Dae-o offers to join her with the investor. She shows the contract to Koo Pa-do to signify that Dae-o has signed. Koo Pa-do asks why Dae-o changed his mind; Dae-o explains that someone has a chance to change the story — he also wants to be the director. Ae-jeong seems shocked at how committed Dae-o is. Flashbacks show that Ae-jeong was impressed by his passion for films and tells Koo Pa-do he can trust him. Koo Pa-do gives them both one last task — to cast Ryu Jin. Dae-o believes it’s impossible.

Gym talk

While at the gym, Dae-o gives Ryu Jin his debut script and that he has accepted Ae-jeong’s offer. He asks the actor to join the project. Ryu Jin expresses the project is too small but Dae-o explains how only he understands the script and that the investor has put Ae-jeong in a tight spot. Ryu Jin asks Dae-o if he still has feelings for her but he doesn’t really give an answer. We know the answer — yes.

The script

When Ae-jeong returns to Thumb Film offices, she has flowers and a card from Koo Pa-do who tells her she has three days left to cast Ryu Jin. As she puts plans into place to try and entice Ryu Jin, she’s got good news — Dae-o has written the script for review. Ae-jeong thinks of fixes for the script but they both end up arguing about attractive men and he brings her nonexistent husband into the equation. They then argue because Dae-o says she’s in a tight spot. Ae-jeong gets angry and infuriated that he’s judging her life and leaves the cafe. Their new partnership is not getting off to a good start.

Is it because of her?

Yeon-woo goes to visit his mother who is apparently gravely ill. He gives her water and she splutters everywhere. She asks her lawyer to read out the revised will. Yeon-woo stops the reading and states he doesn’t care what’s in the will and the mother stops pretending to be ill. He apologizes because has to go and his mother asks “Is it because of her?”. A flashback shows Yeon-woo telling his mother that Ae-jeong is pregnant.

Fixing the script

At the halfway point of Was It Love? episode 4, Dae-o visits the office and sees Ae-jeong has fallen asleep revising the script. He takes the script off her and she holds his hand while sleeping. It’s clear in this scene that he still cares about her and he’s struggling to remain professional and smug. He leaves her food and the fixed script of “Love is Nonexistent”.

I shouldn’t have met her again

Ha-nee and Yeon-woo visit Ae-jeong in the office and they have food together — Dae-o returns and watches all three of them seem happy with each other. Dae-o goes to the bar to drink his sorrows. Ryu Jin joins him and Dae-o drunkenly tells him he shouldn’t have met Ae-jeong again. He’s struggling to contain his feelings.

Do you care about me?

A flashback shows Ryu Jin having a drink with Ae-jeong and she asks him why she and Dae-o have become this way. Ryu Jin stays quiet which upsets her even more. Ryu Jin asks her if she cares about him. The next morning he answers his phone to Ha-nee and arranges to meet her — she has two potential fathers at the moment — Ryu Jin or Yeon-woo.

There is no husband.

Dae-o meets Ae-jeong’s assistant and learns that Ae-jeong doesn’t have a husband and raised her child alone. Meanwhile, when Ae-jeong goes into school, she’s heckled by the other mothers for not bringing in the famous writer as promised. Ha-nee heads up to the school floor and sees the mothers heckling her and gets angry.

How does Was It Love? episode 4 end?

Ha-nee asks Ryu Jin to come to the school — he asks his assistant how old are fourth graders and when he says 14, Ryu Jin experiences a flashback where he and Ae-jeong got close in the rain 14 years ago, meaning he could potentially be the father. Meanwhile, Dae-o turns up at the school and grabs Ae-jeong away from the mothers. Ryu Jin turns up at the school and Ha-nee is in shock. Dae-o takes Ae-jeong to the roof and gets angry — “You appeared out of the blue!”. Yeon-woo then appears and confronts Dae-o because he’s being aggressive towards Ae-jeong. Dae-o asks Yeon-woo who he is — “boyfriend, husband?”. Episode 4 complicates Ae-jeong’s life even more as the men continue to be at war with each other due to misinformation.

Additional points
  • Yeon-woo asks his friends who are in high places if they could find a successful YouTuber to visit the school. They all tease if he’s interested in finding a woman in his life but he suggests he already likes someone.

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