Kissing Game season 1, episode 5 recap – “unfollow”

July 17, 2020
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Dark family secrets are unveiled in “unfollow”, and what seem like miraculous cures are administered to those in need. But at what cost?

This recap of Kissing Game season 1, episode 5, “unfollow”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words

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If anyone is still happy in Kissing Game episode 5 — and it’s a tighter category than you’d think given the amount of smooching and dancing going on behind the vague protection of plastic face coverings and such — then it’s Chico. He breezes back into school in “unfollow” blowing kisses at people like there’s nothing going on at all, despite Alex’s insistence that there’s much more to worry about than he realizes.

Meanwhile, Dalva’s impatience is growing, and Fran’s condition is getting no better. Chico and Alex can obviously empathize since they break into the hospital in the middle of the night with designs of getting Fran out of there. The blue-tinged isolation ward makes for a glum sight. So does Fran, to be honest. But Alex and Chico whisk her out of there with Dalva’s help, believing that she can be healed by the village, or the cult, or whatever we’re calling them now.

Thus, “unfollow” finds all these characters submerging Fran in the steaming waters of an odd glass structure, for a cleansing, salty miracle bath. Out comes the pipette so its amber nectar can be drip-dropped into Fran’s mouth. She begins to seize in the water. Dalva and the healer begin to hum and sing to her, calling back to that melody from the previous episode — a stark contrast to the pulsing sounds of transgression. In her dreams, Fran sees Aline, and seemingly so does Dalva. Fran’s milky eyes regain their colour as Chico and Alex embrace, now convinced they have to return and bring the others.

But Alex wants to stay. He has a pretty idyllic idea of what he and Manu’s life might look like, but she isn’t buying into that fantasy. He leaves with Chico. But what is he returning to? His cow mate has gone to slaughter. Chico is all loved up. Things aren’t looking particularly ideal for Alex, who tearfully blocks Manu on social media and unsubscribes from the Da’Mask account.

At the village, Fran shares her hallucination with Manu, the one about being thrown into her sister’s grave, and Manu explains that what you see right before the spot is your greatest fear — something you have to face. Kissing Game episode 5 suggests the possibility of having to face some new threat when a video of some girls encountering a weird prehistoric-looking creature in the woods goes viral. When Alex takes this video to Bianca, she delivers heaps of exposition about how their father and Maurilio have been using her research into aurochs DNA to bioengineer the bulls, which is what the girls saw in the woods. Progresso’s revered animal, the source of its prosperity, is turning on them thanks to their own meddling.

After Alex confronts his father, he ventures into the barn to film the freakshow bulls. He touches one, and is immediately gripped by agonizing pain as the camera captures what looks like some kind of… transformation?

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