Was It Love? episode 5 recap and breakdown – Ae-jeong needs a lead actress

July 22, 2020
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Was It Love? episode 5 shows some progress for Ae-jeong’s film but it is one of the slower chapters.

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Was It Love? episode 5 shows some progress for Ae-jeong’s film but it is one of the slower chapters.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 5 open?

Ae-jeong stops Dae-o and Yeon-woo from arguing after the confrontation following on from the last episode. Meanwhile, Ha-nee meets Ryu Jin outside the school and emotions are high as she accuses him of abandonment. Ryu Jin was daydreaming, the emotional encounter did not happen and Ha-nee brings Ryu Jin inside the school and shows him to the mother’s group who are elated. Ryu Jin is sweating, the prospect of fatherhood is making him panic.

My husband is dead

Ae-jeong wants to know why the last 14 years is so important to Dae-o. But it seems to be very important to him and he’s clearly frustrated as he tries to get his feelings out. Ae-jeong claims that her husband died which shocks him. This puts the conversation on hold for Dae-o who is unable to respond to that. Their past is very confusing and episode 5 does not get us any closer to the truth.

My first love

During the mother’s and children’s class, Ryu Jin tells them that he first fell in love with a woman who encouraged him to pursue a career — at this moment, Ae-jeong is in the room — she’s officially in a love square.

I want to be in your movie

Afterwards, Ae-jeong catches Ryu Jin and there’s an atmosphere between both characters — it’s clearly been a long time. Her daughter spies from a distance and mouths to Ryu Jin to tell him to not explain how he ended up at the school. Ryu Jin blurts that he wants to be in the movie to get out of the awkward situation. Some luck for the lead character — she has a star for her movie. In the year 2006, it was evident that Ryu Jin had feelings for Ae-jeong. At this point, Dae-o is in a relationship with Ae-jeong and he seems gutted.

A celebration party

To celebrate getting a lead star in the film, Ae-jeong goes to a bar to celebrate and Ryu Jin, Koo Pa-do, and Dae-o join which brings tension to the room. Ae-jeong didn’t want a gathering but Hye-jin invited them all naively. Dae-o and Koo Pa-do clash slightly over drinks, arguing who put Ae-jeong through the most pain. Hye-jin states that both men put her through hell. The night gets into full flow and Ae-jeong needs to be carried home by the men.

I have a better movie

When Ryu Jin returns home, his staff hold a surprise party to celebrate making it into Hollywood. He breaks the new news that he isn’t going and he’s received an offer for a better movie. This does not go down well, especially when he leaks the news to a journalist. Ae-jeong suddenly worries that she was too drunk the night before and embarrassed herself; Yeon-woo remembers taking her to bed and he is suddenly embarrassed himself.

The coffee

At the halfway point of Was It Love? episode 5, problems mount again for Ae-jeong as Jennifer Song (the CEO of Ryu Jin’s agency) meets her for a coffee. Ms. Song suggests that Ae-jeong is using Ryu Jin due to his popularity and money (which is flagrantly untrue). She wants to see if her movie is worth giving up Hollywood for. Ae-jeong now needs to get a star actress or Ryu Jin won’t be able to work with her and her film company will have to pay the costs for breaching Ryu Jin’s Hollywood contract. Savages.

I’ll solve Ae-jeong’s problem

Dae-o tells Koo Pa-do and Ryu Jin that he will find a solution for Ae-jeong. This seems like a weak claim by Dae-o and the other men mock him. But to be fair on the character, he does seem to find solutions, even if they are strange.

Meeting Joo A-rin

Ae-jeong and Hye-jin find actress Joo A-rin’s manager Gwang-su in a parking lot. All of a sudden, A-rin’s fans shoot around the corner, and the manager panics and tells the actress to put out her cigarette (she’s part of an anti-smoking campaign) and they drive off. Ae-jeong lost her chance.

The umbrella

While out in the rain with Dae-o, Ae-jeong remembers the year 2005 when it was raining heavily. A young Dae-o came around the corner with a large umbrella to make sure she keeps dry. He asks her, “Did you fall for me?”. They run in the rain together with the big umbrella, seemingly happy and warm together.

Deny, deny, deny

Ryu-jin’s manager finds the texts between Ha-nee and Ryu Jin and he rings her; he tells Ha-nee to not ring Ryu Jin again. Ryu Jin overhears the conversation and takes the phone off the manager and he is furious. As his manager leaves, he tells Ryu Jin to deny everything about being the potential father of Ha-nee. This is the typical Hollywood mentality of maintaining an image.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jin rings Ha-nee back and she’s upset and puts the phone down. Flashbacks show Ae-jeong hugging Ryu Jin in the rain — she’s upset about her and Dae-o breaking up. They spend the night together and Ae-jeong left him a note the next day telling him to forget what happened.

How does Was It Love? episode 5 end?

Dae-o sends Joo A-rin a social media challenge to entice her and we learn that she used to know Dae-o when younger and she wants to meet him. This doesn’t help Dae-o’s ego at all. He’s more big-headed than ever.

Yeon-woo and Ae-jeong head to the cinemas together and she needs to touch his face to take some popcorn that has stuck on him. Ae-jeong is evidently touched by the moment. Afterward, at the bus stop, Yeon-woo grabs Ae-jeong and looks at her and tells her he couldn’t tell her how the movie was because he likes her (suggesting he was too overwhelmed by his feelings). Meanwhile, Dae-o is watching from his car and he reverses to splash them both with water to ruin the moment. Was It Love? episode 5 shows some progress for Ae-jeong’s film but it is one of the slower chapters.

Additional points
  • Ae-jeong tells Ryu Jin that he needn’t worry about her.
  • Over dinner, Ha-nee asks her mother who her first love was and this takes Ae-jeong back. Ha-nee then asks if she has the same features as her father.

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