Little Voice season 1, episode 5 recap – what happens in “Quick, Quick Slow”?

July 24, 2020
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Episode 5 is a love triangle episode that pits characters against each other and is probably the best chapter so far in the convoluted series.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 5, “Quick, Quick Slow” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 5, “Quick, Quick Slow” open?

Episode 5 begins with Bess singing in the studio and spirits seem to be high; she is doing a song for a cheese in a can advert. She wants to use the money made from the advert to create a music video.

Don’t act small

Bess then heads to Samuel’s place to jam but for some reason, she’s struggling to vocalise. To get over her mental barrier, she downs a glass of whiskey. She tells Samuel that maybe it’s not the right time to do a music video. Samuel states that she doesn’t have to be like her father and act small to stop herself from being and suggests that she is scared. Cruel but honest words from Samuel. And then her singing abilities suddenly come back. Well done Samuel! Bess then asks Ethan to be the director of her music video and insists she will be paying him.

Broadway Con

Bess takes her brother Louie to Broadway Con before shooting off because she has to do her music video. She looks slightly concerned as she leaves him but to be fair, her brother is in his element, dazzled by everything Broadway.

Laila made food

At the halfway point of Little Voice season 1, episode 5, “Quick, Quick Slow” we start to see jealousy get the better of our lead character. Bess makes it to the production setting in the middle of the park, Ethan’s girlfriend Laila has made loads of food for everyone which you can tell slightly annoys Bess. Laila makes a comment that she cannot wait for Ethan to want to leave the city with her which throws Bess a little. As everyone else arrives, Bess is clearly acting strange due to Laila being there.

Music video

The music video begins and Bess seems to be a natural in front of the camera. Ethan compliments her instantly. Prisha can sense that Bess is jealous of seeing Ethan and Laila. The music video recording has to be stopped as park wardens arrive so they move location. While on a boat, Samuel tells Bess that she looks happy and great in front of the camera. Bess thanks Samuel for everything he has done for her. Louie shows up at the production to help out. In one of the recordings, Samuel and Bess dance on set and get closer and Ethan “cuts” — it was on purpose. Episode 5 is showing jealousy on all sides — this is not going to end well.

Love triangle

There’s tension between Samuel and Ethan as the production continues to progress. They are both sensing that they are after the same girl. Prisha tells Bess that she’s had front row seats all day and states that she is pushing away one guy who really likes her and eyeing the other guy who has a girlfriend. Bess tells Prisha that she is trying to not want Ethan but she can’t help it.

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 5, “Quick, Quick Slow” end?

Bess makes Benny her manager. She then pays Samuel and then states she has to get receipts from Ethan and that she’ll meet him at the bar. Samuel’s face says everything. He’s absolutely devastated but he says “cool”. That’s it, son, show your pride.

Ethan refuses to be paid until the project is finished. The pair look at each other intently but then Ethan says he cannot “do this to Laila” and that she is his best friend. He then says he cannot do this anymore and that he wants Bess — “I will end it with Laila”. Elderly people are dancing nearby so Ethan and Bess pick a partner each. Episode 5 is a love triangle episode that pits characters against each other and is probably the best chapter so far in the convoluted series.

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