Sing On! Spain review – karaoke is best left in the bars

July 24, 2020
Daniel Hart 0
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Sing On! Spain feels way too much like forced fun.

Netflix series Sing On! Spain season 1 was released on the platform on July 24, 2020. This review of the reality series does not contain the outcomes of the winners.

The concept of Sing On! Spain is to pit karaoke enthusiasts against each other to win a grand prize. At the end of each round, the contestants vote each other out based on how well they took on the vocals. There’s no denying that the Netflix series is designed to be fun and to appreciate karaoke culture.

However, Sing On! Spain feels way too much like forced fun. Karaoke is for the end of the night in Magaluf, steaming out of your head and slurring the words to “Angel” by Robbie Williams. Place karaoke into a reality competition to prying studio audiences just makes the entire concept more cheesy than it has to be. You’ll probably end up singing along while popping the top off a beer bottle for good measure.

Also, the contestants are hardly bad at singing. They are nowhere close to a professional standard but they are most certainly the smug ones that claim they don’t want to sing on a Friday night before grabbing the microphone and hogging the waiting list. Even the host gives that impression, waltzing on the stage occasionally to give some of his standard vocals.

And it’s also obvious sometimes who is most certainly going to win — there seems to be one in the crowd that can sing better than the rest. I’m equally surprised that there isn’t any tactical voting so the monotones win.

If I was to run this show, I’d grab Bob from the pub who has just finished a hard day at work and just wanted a pint with his friends. Bob doesn’t give a sh*t that his singing his monotone — he’s there because he’s Bob. Sing On! Spain season 1 needs to be more like Bob. Karaoke is best left in the bars.

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