Last Chance U season 5, episode 3 recap – “Cast-Offs”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 28, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix series Last Chance U season 5, episode 3 - Cast-Offs


Episode 3 encapsulates many things but family and mental health issues are the cornerstones of the chapter, making the football feel secondary.

This recap of Netflix series Last Chance U season 5, episode 3, “Cast-Offs” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 3, “Cast-Offs” open?

Episode 3 opens up with the jubilation of the Laney’s first win of 2019. There’s plenty of work to be done at this stage. Beam is proud of Dior Walker-Scott. Apparently, Dior’s father came to the game but the Quarterback is impacted by that news by stating he doesn’t have a father. Episode 3 is heavily centred on family trauma and mental health.

A family of talent

Rejzohn Wright moved to a new place in Oakland a year ago. His mother Sadio is interviewed about the struggle and unable to provide for years until now. The family seem to be in a good place in the present day. Rejzohn’s brother has had plenty of opportunities in football. There’s an intimate scene where the family watch Rejzohn’s brother play football on TV.

Wedding anniversary

We get an insight into Coach Beam and his wife as they approach their wedding anniversary. They appear to be a close couple — episode 3 shows them both on a lovely walk in the fog.

Discipline and attitude

And it’s game day soon and Coach Beam talks about discipline which is terrible at the moment. Beam is very big on humility and improving each other. There’s an attitude problem with Rejzohn that is irritating in Coach Beam — he keeps running his mouth. There’s always one player that irritates the coach in Last Chance U. 

Dior’s father problems

As Last Chance U season 5, episode 3, “Cast-Offs” progresses, Dior continues to stress himself out about his father — he hasn’t needed him for a year so he’s emotionally frustrated that he’s trying to return in his life. The stress and anxiety are impacting his training. Beam rings his wife (who is a therapist) to help Dior with his breakdown — he has chest pains. His father used to beat him and they once had a fight in the middle of a football season so he ran away and moved in with a friend while at High School. Both men, Dior and father, were both lions in the house and it didn’t hold. In the present day, the father is interviewed and he wants to house his son so he’s no longer homeless. This interview did not feel right to me.

Family time

Nu’u and his partner Tia live within their means to raise their daughter and sustain a living. Tia knew when they had a daughter that their life was not going to be the same — she doesn’t want to be working all the time and missing out on her kids’ lives. This was an unsettling interview on motherhood — it’s genuinely felt.

Long-lasting healing

Beam discusses mental health and how the college needs to ensure they implement long-lasting healing. The Coach tries to comfort Dior, stating he is not alone. This is a touching scene. I will probably say this many times, but there’s a vast difference between this season and season 3 & 4.

Dior feels a bit better at training and Beam keeps on reassuring him.

How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 3, “Cast-Offs” end?

Next up is West Hill Falcons and it isn’t going well with the team feeling frustrated. There are too many mistakes. Despite the frustrations, the team pull through for the win with Dior also getting another touchdown. Rejzohn Wright also makes a game-saving interception near the end. Beam tells the team that they need to cut the mistakes. The coach narrates saying that their job is to believe in these young adults. Nu’u explains that he doesn’t want to always depend on Tia. Meanwhile, Dior talks about how he sleeps in his car and mentally he is f*cked up — he believes football is his therapy sessions. It’s a bittersweet end — episode 3 encapsulates many things but family and mental health issues are the cornerstones of the chapter, making the football feel secondary.

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