The Speed Cubers review – a puzzle solving treat

July 29, 2020
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The Speed Cubers makes the most mundane exercise of solving a Rubik’s Cube, feel like a World Cup Final.

The Speed Cubers (Netflix) is a documentary from director Sue Kim and takes us into the competitive world of Speed Cubing, a bi-yearly world championship event where the best players from around the world come and compete to prove who can complete the puzzle the quickest.

The Speed Cubers follows world champion Feliks Zemdegs looking to defend his title, with Max Park being the hot favorite to give him the competition for his crown. We dive into Feliks’ early life, where he started becoming the celebrity in Australia, breaking records along the way, before it hit the truly competitive world. With Felix on top of the world, a new contender arrives on the scene, Max Park, who starts breaking Feliks’ world records. The two become friends who support each other during the battle to become champion and this year the world championship is on the line.

speed cubers 2The Speed Cubers highlights how Max has autism and getting his hands on his Rubik’s Cube helped him develop, while also teaching Max about winning and losing. We get to see how the competitive nature between friends and rivals doesn’t need to get personal; they are here for each other to make each other the best they can.

The Speed Cubers shines a big spotlight on Rubik’s Cubing, with the different size cubes, be it the traditional 3×3, right up to the 6×6, the puzzle the competitive players can complete in a matter of seconds, while we are still working on them a week or two later. To bring us into a world championship of an event we never knew about is amazing to see; how many people attend this event, the nature of this event, and show us that a passion for something will keep the drive to succeed going strong.

The Speed Cubers is an entertaining documentary that shows us how being competitive with someone can still mean you have a friendship, you can still support and compete, even if you are on the other side of the world. it shows us that nearly any passion can have competition, one that will bring the best out in the players.

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