Get Even season 1, episode 1 recap – “Get On It”

July 30, 2020
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“Get On It” works as a steady introduction to the characters and the premise of this new teen-centric murder-mystery series.

This recap of Get Even season 1, episode 1, “Get On It”, contains spoilers.

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Get Even episode 1, “Get On It”, has some work to do. It’s your standard, obligatory scene-setting installment, designed to introduce the main characters and set the stakes, and it does that capably – if formulaically – enough. Opening with some teasing flashes of a crime that’ll come to define the season, we’re welcomed to enrol in Bannerman Independent School, where bullies and such are held to account by Don’t Get Mad, or DGM, a little quartet of mismatched female students whose handiwork is displayed early when an abusive coach is made to look foolish in an assembly.

DGM is comprised of nerdy Margot, sporty Kitty, Bree – who is facing potential expulsion – and Olivia; they’re allies if not firm friends, but their crusades are likely to bring them closer together in due course. Meanwhile, a big party looms, since this is a teen melodrama as well as a murder mystery and big parties are pretty much mandatory.

It’s at that party that some of the dynamics begin to establish themselves, especially involving Olivia and her boyfriend Donte, and Kitty’s friend Mika, who is taken advantage of and publicly embarrassed by Ronny, who swiftly becomes DGM’s next target. The stakes are simple, but the idea of getting even is an immediately compelling one, since who better to take revenge on than exploitative teenage boys?

With that, Get Even season 1, episode 1 sets out its stall, providing a compelling setup with a serviceable one-more-episode hook, even if utility is the chief order of business for “Get On It”.

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