Get Even season 1, episode 2 recap – “Get in Deep” the plot thickens



“Get In Deep” fittingly deepens the character dynamics and properly introduces the central mystery in a solid follow-up.

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Things are getting juicy in Get Even episode 2 – relationships are on the rocks, alliances are beginning to unravel, guilt is in the air. So, too, is revenge, especially after the situation with Ronny and Mika which capped off the opening episode.

This being a teen drama, everything is naturally framed in teen terms, and you can see familiar plot points arranging themselves. Margot visiting debate club, hearing herself being slagged off, leaving and then being forced to return because some similar outing is a school requirement, is classic high-school business. It’s just wrapped up in something a little bit extra.

Hence, when DGM starts to go after Ronny, it’s really their social reputations on the line. Olivia has to agree with him and meet with him and be uncomfortably photographed in close proximity to him, none of which is ideal. But it’s all for a good cause, and for the procurement of his hard drive, presumably loaded with damning evidence against him.

But Get Even season 1, episode 2 is smart to show the impact of this low-level vigilantism on the members of DGM, especially Olivia, who after all this still ends up breaking up with Donte, and Bree, who has a difficult relationship with her father. But “Get In Deep” puts plot first by the end, closing on a major cliffhanger that’ll define the rest of the season. Ronny is dead. And a slip of paper next to him implicates DGM.

This isn’t a surprising development given it’s really the catalyst for the entire season, but with it, Get Even feels as though it’s kicking into gear, while also deepening its character relationships. That latter point is vital, since these are deliberate subversions of well-known archetypes, and the success of the show is intrinsically linked to the likability of the cast. At this early stage Get Even passes a basic initial test – it’s enjoyable to spend time with.

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