Get Even season 1, episode 4 recap – “Get Over It”

July 31, 2020
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This recap of Get Even season 1, episode 4, “Get Over It”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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With things heating up, it only seems right for episodes to begin honing in on the DGM members specifically, and in many ways Get Even episode 4, “Get Over It”, belongs to Margot. She won’t date, she has something in her past that bothers her, and it’s her responsibility to go through Ronny’s hard drive and find some clues.

She does: Photos of Coach with a girl called Cam, which looks very much like blackmail fodder, but more information is needed. After Bree and Olivia create a distraction so Kitty can swipe a phone, that too finds its way back to Margot for analysis. Being the resident Brainiac has its downsides.

As well as progressing the central mystery, Get Even season 1, episode 4 also works as something of a parallel personal story for Margot’s social awakening. As we learn throughout “Get Over It”, a fitting enough title, Margot was once deeply humiliated by Amber publicly disseminating information from her diary. We work towards a confrontation with Amber and a renewal of Margot’s self-esteem, which even leads her to accept a date with Logan. Progress.

We also work towards the revelation, gleaned from Cam’s phone, that she was dating Coach Creed. But with that comes the reality that, if they were together, neither could be responsible for Ronny’s death. One step forwards and two back. You know how such things are.

Integrating this stuff with some classic high-school standing up to the bullies business, Get Even finds a smart balance. Here it probably leans a bit more on the teen slice-of-life drama that it has prior, but it’s no bad thing since the relevant themes are integral to the mystery’s setting and many of its details. Crucially, we’re still none the wiser about who’s responsible, and that’s the key element that’ll keep an audience invested for now, along with the strong character work.

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