Get Even season 1, episode 5 recap – “Get What You Want” at what cost?



“Get What You Want” dabbles in some murky morality in another character-focused episode, as one of DGM’s own is implicated.

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Get Even reaches its halfway point in “Get What You Want”, and we’re immediately presented with the possibility – highlighted through Kitty being followed on a run – that DGM is being stalked and deliberately antagonized. After a Margot-centric episode, we largely follow Kitty here, as she’s celebrated for her captaincy despite not having achieved it, gets a disappointing B- grade, and discusses with Bree, hiding out in the toilets, what’s going on between Coach Creed and Mika.

Get Even episode 5 also raises the idea of a lot of one’s high school personality being essentially performative, exemplified mostly through Donte. Another compelling conflict emerges too between DGM’s planned approach and how their actions might earn the ire of the police. Nevertheless, when Kitty gathers them, they decide to release the text messages between Coach and Cam, whatever the consequences might be. This will also damage Cam, who isn’t as deserving of the fate as Coach – another moral implication for DGM to grapple with.

But Get Even season 1, episode 5 deploys a last-minute cliffhanger than implicates someone else – Bree, who is approached by the police while folding origami and presented with – wouldn’t you know it – the origami left at Ronny’s house. Uh-oh.

Naturally, this presents many intriguing possibilities. It obviously implicates one of DGM, although I’m sure that’s a ruse, but it also proves to the girls that their actions have consequences and don’t occur in a vacuum. This gels nicely with the underlying theme of moral compromise that’s also bubbling away in “Get What You Want”, and the questions beginning to occur as a result suggest that perhaps what DGM wants can’t be achieved without casualties – perhaps even among their own number.

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