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“Get A Clue” succumbs to formula a little bit with some pat love triangle shenanigans, but the core mystery remains as intriguing as ever.

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As we race into the back half of the season, Get Even episode 6 finds DGM at their lowest, which is a fitting midpoint state of affairs. Bree has been taken away as a suspect, and the remaining members wonder what these developments might mean for them, which I suppose is reasonable.

It’s especially reasonable since in “Get A Clue” we learn that DGM is evidently a known entity to the coppers – Bree is asked outright if she’s a member, and it’s only with the timely arrival of her father that she’s able to leave custody and return to her cohorts, who’re interested to learn what happened. They decide to lay low, which seems wise.

It’s the origami crane that is proving increasingly integral to this mystery, especially once Rex reveals that he knew about it, which naturally makes him as much a suspect as anyone. What’s required next is, of course, some more technological expertise from Margot, who decides to scare up info on Rex by hacking Ronny’s Wi-Fi, but she’s delayed by Logan inviting her to Ronny’s memorial party. Again, this is a teen drama, so the party must always take precedent.

It’s here in Get Even season 1, episode 6 that we begin to see a love triangle really taking shape, as an envious Ed looks on at Logan and Margot. Mileage will vary here, I assume, but it’s par for the course in the genre, so there’s little sense complaining too much about it. Luckily, “Get A Clue” is smart enough to end with another cliffhanger, this one ramping up the tension further. After Mika gives a damning speech about Ronny’s real nature, she heads to school the next day and runs into someone – presumably a classmate – who immediately rounds on her. Do we have another victim?

It’s a compelling dramatic question, one that thankfully distracts from the rather pat teen romance shenanigans occurring elsewhere. Despite Get Even succumbing to formula now and again, it continues to thread a genuinely intriguing mystery throughout these pacey episodes, and I can’t imagine many people will turn away from the show at this point.

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