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Things swiftly begin to unravel in “Get Through It”, and with two episodes left and the killer’s identity still a real mystery, it’s a race to the finish.

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With only three episodes remaining, let’s just take stock: We have two victims, many potential suspects – though one current frontrunner – a rapidly spiraling Kitty, probing police officers asking awkward questions about Mika’s outburst and subsequent death, and… flashbacks? Yep, you can’t have a show without them, and Get Even episode 8, “Get Through It” deploys one dating back to the formation of DGM, a detention stewarded by Coach Creed.

The past segues into the present, but really the reasoning behind the creation of DGM and the reasoning behind its continued existence remain the same – it’s an answer to hierarchy, to power imbalance. Through their opposition to these things, DGM has grown closer, both as friends – in the case of, say, Olivia and Margot – and as ideological contemporaries. While they might not agree on everything, they fundamentally agree that unfairness should be fought.

DGM’s new plan is offset by the scrutiny they’re under. They’re able to pay a touching tribute to Mika and signal that they’re still there, but they also need to keep a low profile – something that, as advised by Kitty, might involve them going their separate ways.

On the mystery front, Get Even season 1, episode 8 ends with the arrest of Christopher, who is discovered with a telling note in his locker reading “compliments of DGM”, echoing the original. He insists, though, that he isn’t responsible, and I’m inclined to believe him. With this, “Get Through It” puts the final two episodes in an interesting position, with the audience still none the wiser about who the real killer is, and the potential suspects continuing to pile up.

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