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“Get It Out” peddles a lot of romance and melodrama, but it also provides some pretty compelling suspects in this penultimate outing.

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“Get It Out”, the penultimate episode of Get Even, wants to hammer home the potential dissolution of DGM. It takes a couple of approaches but focuses mostly on interpersonal drama. With Christopher’s arrest still looming over proceedings, Margot learns that it was Olivia who originally stole her diary, which leads to a major confrontation and some deep wounds being gouged.

With the group fractured, Olivia and Bree come up with a new last-minute plan, which is to daringly steal some files from the detectives – Bree takes and hides Donte’s. Speaking of Donte, Kitty smooches him in Get Even episode 8, but it’s a less significant kiss than the one Olivia shares with Amber. There’s a lot of romance and melodrama in the air in “Get It Out”, and how you feel about this stuff versus progression of the mystery will likely determine how you feel about the episode overall.

But that isn’t to say that the mystery gets no progression. As a matter of fact, we actually get a couple of new suspects, including Donte, whose alibi doesn’t hold up, and Logan, in whose glovebox Margot finds a familiar note. That positions Logan as the likeliest overall suspect, and since we’re right on the cusp of the ending now, it seems a smart time to reveal it. But a last-minute swerve certainly wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

And then there are the relationships – John and Bree, Olivia and Amber. No matter which aspect of this show you prefer, Get Even season 1, episode 9 suggests that the finale is going to have a little bit of something for everyone, though what one hopes for most of all is conclusive ending that isn’t too sequel bait-y for its own good.

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