Little Voice season 1, episode 6 recap – what happens in “Tell Her”?

July 31, 2020
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“Tell Her” works, mostly because Bess is acting out of character, making it the best episode so far.

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“Tell Her” works, mostly because Bess is acting out of character, making it the best episode so far.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 6, “Tell Her” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 6, “Tell Her” open?

Episode 6 begins with Bess and Ethan seemingly starting their new relationship. It appears Ethan has taken the deep dive and ended it with her partner. However, this was a daydream and Ethan snaps Bess out of it and explains that he can’t tell his girlfriend yet that he can’t be with her. Bess is upset and disappointed. As Ethan walks off, he tells Bess that her music video is special. What a coward — it’s predictable though.

Why did mother leave?

When Bess comes home, she tells Louie that he can’t watch TV all day and wants him to have a good life. Louie explains that his mother wouldn’t turn the TV off and Bess screams, claiming that their mother left them. Louie asks why their mother has left but Bess doesn’t know the answer. There’s frustration between the siblings that the series has only just introduced but you can tell Bess is only starting on Louie because of Ethan.

Hard at work

At work, she’s not dealing with being behind the bar well as a customer berates her. She also gets a call from Louie about her birthday. Bess responds to a customer who was being rude to her.

Bess rings Prisha while crying in a toilet cubicle but her friend is busy on a date at a comedy club. She’s clearly wounded by Ethan’s decision. As she watches the music video on her phone she accidentally drops it down the loo. She’s having a nightmare!

The gig

Bess and Samuel do a gig and she’s absolutely wasted on the bourbon — she gives a pre-song speech and finally, she sings. Samuel can obviously sense that something is wrong with Bess with her downbeat speech and mood but her singing seems more emotional, rawer.

Afterward, Bess wants to continue drinking with the producer from the studio. Samuel is worried and wants to take her home. The producer and Bess call Samuel a buzz kill so he leaves.

Taking it out on Prisha

The next day, Bess wakes up hungover and wants to talk to Prisha who is with her lover. Bess walks off moody so Prisha asks if she wants to talk. Prisha tells Bess that she was messed up the night before but she insists she is fine. Bess brings up that Prisha is lying to her family and her girlfriend and starts to get nasty to her. Bess does not give a f*ck in episode 6 — you wouldn’t want to cross her.

Creepy producer

Louie rings his father and he is panicking, but the shop owner believes the father is stealing a record while on the phone. Bess is in the studio with Samuel singing their latest song. The producer keeps on making sexual jokes which angers Samuel. Afterward, Bess tells Samuel that he shouldn’t have said anything.

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 6, “Tell Her” end?

Bess gets a call from her father and has to shoot off; Sam pays for Louie’s birthday cake and chases after her — he tells her he cares about her and asks what has happened with her father. He makes a theory that she only wants Ethan because he can’t care for her. Bess heads to the record store and pays off the owner so he doesn’t press charges against the father. Bess and the father return with a melted cake and no presents for Louie, so Louie’s friends leave. Louie calls it the worst birthday ever. Bess tries comforting Louie but it isn’t working. Their father sings a Broadway song that cheers Louie up. They start a Broadway vlog for him. Episode 6 works, mostly because Bess is acting out of character, making it the best episode so far.

Additional points
  • Prisha is still struggling with the woman she’s in love with.

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