The Titan Games season 2, episode 10 recap – Will must be saved

August 4, 2020
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Things get very competitive in the East division with some stellar competitors. One Titan reigns, but another falls — who’s who?

This recap of The Titan Games season 2, episode 10 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

We’re back in the East. Our first new girl is Courtney Roselle, whose backstory involves being turned down for a modelling gig thanks to being too big and too muscly and then getting in Vogue instead — sometimes things work out for the best, it seems. She’s up against Shantal Athill, a firefighter, the second female one in the history of the town she works for. Two formidable contestants, then, both vying for Haley Johnson’s newly-earned Titan crown.

The first game is Nuts and Bolts. Chantal quick falls way behind, struggling with her height and technique. Courtney goes for the pull, way ahead, but she’s taking a chance going early. She’s strong, but not strong enough — it’s too heavy. A terrible decision there. She returns and strips all the weight from the wall, making the pull easily this time. She still wins by a wide margin.

Now for the new men. First, Blake Broadhurst, a family man, taking on Josh Porter, who jumps out of planes for the Army and whose best friend was killed in Iraq on a routine mission — he gained a new one in his French bulldog, Vinnie, who he has brought along with him. They square off on Launch Pad. Josh’s momentum sends him twirling, losing him time. But Josh is able to mount a comeback despite all this, taking the first round.

The next game for the girls in The Titan Games season 2, episode 10 is Lunar Impact, and it’s no contest at all. Courtney barely even has to slow down. She’ll take on Haley on Mount Olympus.

The boys square off on Over the Edge. Josh performs better than I’ve ever seen anyone perform in this game, pulling the chain so fast that he’s able to yank the block in one movement with no resistance. Animal. He’ll take on country strong Will Sutton on Mount Olympus.

It’s time for Mount Olympus! Will takes on Josh. Will takes a little early lead, but Josh is an absolute powerhouse. They’re neck and neck! Josh falls! It looks like he picks up an injury. They’re close on the ball and chain, but Josh’s injury slows him. Will takes the late advantage and rides it to a successful outing. It’s a shame seeing Josh writhing on the floor in agony, but nice to see Will help him out.

Haley takes on Courtney to close out the episode. It’s close early! Courtney gets a bit of a lead, but it’s back to neck and neck quickly. It stays close, but Courtney is able to narrowly win thanks in large part to Haley’s mystifying lack of urgency. That’s a kind of surprising switcheroo late in the East division and should make things interesting going forwards.

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