The Titan Games season 2, episode 11 recap – country strength reigns supreme Beast is East



The competition is stiffer than ever as the best of the East battle for redemption in the regional finals.

This recap of The Titan Games season 2, episode 11 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s the Regional Finals for the East Division, which always elevates the competition. Sitting pretty atop Mount Olympus are reigning Titans Will Sutton — yes! — and motivational speaker Courtney Roselle. The overall winners will move on to the championships, so the stakes are higher than ever in The Titan Games season 2, episode 11.

Let’s meet (again) the three women: Hannah Teter, who got smoked last time out, pro-wrestler Dasha, who also got smoked, and Haley, who was dethroned in last week’s episode in a close battle. The first game is Hammer Down (always nice to see these unique three-way games come out for the finals). Haley takes the lead, and Hannah isn’t far behind. Dasha is miles behind. Haley and Hannah are neck and neck. Hannah falls! All three end up on the final pole at the same time. Haley falls! Dasha develops a stellar technique and flies to the top — it’s a major comeback! That leaves Haley and Hannah racing to the finish but Hannah just makes it. Haley is gone!

Time for the men: Andrew Hanus, still absurdly happy, despite having never made it to Mount Olympus — Ryan, though, is injured, so he’s filling his spot. He’s taking on Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley after an abysmal outing, and Josh Porter, who was very close to beating Will last week but lost at the last minute after an unfortunate winding. It’s Hammer Down for the boys, too. Josh, still a powerhouse, takes an early lead. He and Woodley end up on the golden pole at the same time. They pull the chain at exactly the same time. Andrew is gone.

Woodley and Josh are tied together for Resistance. Josh takes an early lead, tossing two barrels over early, and then three! Four! Five! Josh demolishes Woodley in a shocking outing for the former UFC champion. Josh returns to Mount Olympus for a rematch with Will.

Hannah takes on Dasha, also in Resistance. Hannah is deceptively strong and takes an early lead, but she can’t get her second barrel over as easily. With 20 seconds left, Hannah has a chance to get a second barrel over, but she fails. Unfortunately, Dasha can’t get a barrel over either, so when the clock runs out, Hannah wins by default. She’ll take on Courtney on Mount Olympus.

The Titan Games season 2, episode 11 kicks off the Mount Olympus shenanigans with the women. Courtney takes on Hannah for the first time. Courtney takes an early lead over the Olympic gold medallist, which she maintains up the log lift. Courtney makes it to the ball and chain first and drags it like it’s nothing. Hannah keeps a respectable pace, but Courtney’s lead just gives her the advantage. She digs out the relic and retains her title, becoming the Eastern regional champion.

Will takes on Josh again to close the episode in a hotly anticipated rematch. It’s neck and neck! It might be the closest ever Mount Olympus over the first half of the course. Will builds up a minor lead during the cage crawl but he falls dramatically! Josh looks a little tired but he’s still in it as Will starts to struggle with the ball and chain. He changes strategy! Josh is right behind him! Will falls again! But he wins! Country Strong reigns supreme!

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