Was It Love? episode 9 recap and breakdown – Ae-jeong reconsiders her feelings

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 5, 2020
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Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 9


Episode 9 was childish as ever from the four men but there is progress in the story which is refreshing.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was It Love? episode 9 open?

It begins with a flashback; Dae-o is hurt while filming and Ae-jeong comes to his aid. There are then a series of romantic montages between Dae-o and Ae-jeong. In the present day, Ae-jeong narrates how she remembers how she loved him. As they are about to kiss, she pushes him over and realises he is hurt. It feels like they are prolonging the inevitable.

Finding a place to stay

The other three men turn up at the island and they are worried about Ae-jeong. They realise that there is no hotel on the island but there are a few spare rooms made available by the foreman. The foreman also tells them they cannot film on the island unless they help him. Ae-jeong appeases the man to change his mind.

Assigning work

The foreman of the island dresses all four men in different clothes and prepares them for work which includes dinner preparations. Ae-jeong assigns Dae-o the hardest task — chopping wood. While they start the tasks, Yeon-woo tells Dae-o to back away from Ae-jeong. It’s starting again — these men cannot help themselves.

The pettiness starts again

Ryu Jin tells Ae-jeong that he regrets becoming friends with Dae-o and made them into a trio when younger — he also says he shouldn’t have let Dae-o have feelings for her. Ae-jeong states say she’s thankful for Ryu Jin but she’s not the same 23-year-old anymore — she cares about her daughter. These strange conversations are getting tiring, to be honest. Dae-o turns up and calls Ryu Jin disrespectful and the pair argue — Ae-jeong tells them both to stop with the personal matters.

Sing for us Ryu Jin

In the village, the villagers are excited that superstar Ryu Jin is on the island and they cheer for him. The foreman helping the group asks Ae-jeong if Ryu Jin can sing for them. Ryu Jin agrees to sing as long as all the villagers agree to watch the movie twice. A village party is now in full swing with plenty of food and drinks.

I have nothing to offer

Later in the night, Ae-jeong tells Yeon-woo she feels guilty because he helps her so much but she has nothing to offer and apologizes. You can tell this wounds Yeon-woo. He needs to get over it to be fair. The man moved into her house and everything — like, relax.

I want to know right now

Was It Love? episode 9 proves that Dae-o cannot help himself when he’s in the company of Ae-jeong.

While the party starts with Ryu Jin singing. Dae-o sits Ae-jeong down and asks her to eat as she’s not stopped all day. He assures her they will secure the locations. Ae-jeong asks Dae-o if he will be focusing on work from now on. Dae-o tells Ae-jeong it must be nice to switch feelings on and off. As she gets up, he asks Ae-jeong why she hates him so much and left. Here we go…

Remain dead to me

As the music is turned off, Dae-o demands an answer from Ae-jeong, and everyone else can hear. Ae-jeong walks off so he chases after her and tells her he wants to start over. Ae-jeong tells Dae-o that she left him fourteen years ago because she didn’t want to die and since she left, Dae-o has remained dead in her heart. Ae-jeong cannot reverse the fourteen years.

While on her own, she narrates that if she didn’t leave him she wouldn’t have had to hate him.

We were both in pain

Dae-o asks Ryu Jin to talk to him as he has no-one else to talk to. He says he always assumed he was the only one in pain but Ae-jeong was too. Ryu Jin remembers being in the rain with Ae-jeong after she broke up with Dae-o and walks off upset as well. Do none of these characters have any rational feelings?

The next morning, Dae-o has already left the island — childish and pathetic.

Returning to the office

Ae-jeong returns to the office and she sees Dae-o is already there. He’s ready for a meeting to discuss locations and CGI. He’s getting on with his job as director. Ae-jeong asks if Dae-o if he’d like a coffee and he instantly says no. Hye-jin thinks it’s weird that he’s only talked about work all day. Ae-jeong tells Dae-o she settled everything with the island foreman. He asks her if it’s okay if he continues holding back or he’ll get upset. He asks her for one more chance to help fix her broken heart. At this point, I’m pretty sure he has asked her ten times — this is persistence.

How does Was It Love? episode 9 end?

Dae-o takes out Ha-nee for a drink and claims she has scared Dong-chan with her short temper. Ha-nee learns that Ae-jeong went to the same school as Dae-o and wonders how close he was to her and Ryu Jin. She then asks who Ae-jeong liked when she was younger and he panics.

Ae-jeong talks to Aunt Sook-hee about the pain and cost that occurs when you love someone and she’s determined not to make that same mistake again. Aunt Sook-hee asks Ae-jeong why is she hesitating then. As she walks home, it’s clear Ae-jeong is considering giving Dae-o another chance and runs to his house to talk. When the door opens, A-rin is there and Ae-jeong is shocked. A-rin explains that Dae-o is not at home and tries to shut the door but Ae-jeong puts her arm out and says she needs to speak to him tonight. That’s it — get your man!

Episode 9 was childish as ever from the four men but there is progress in the story which is refreshing.

Additional points
  • Dae-o asks Dong-chan and Ha-nee if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Dong-chan gets embarrassed and walks off.
  • Ha-nee goes to Dong-chan’s house and she is impressed by how big it is. With his father away, Dong-chan decides to enter his father’s study. He sees a photo and video of his mother.
  • When Koo Pa-do returns home he finds out there has been a threat near the house and he asks his men to increase security. There’s a photo and the security guard says the woman has similar features to Ae-jeong.

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