Hitmen season 1, episode 2 recap – “Money”

August 6, 2020
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“Money” has the best guest star of perhaps the entire season in Sian Clifford as an embezzling accountant who’s sharper than Jamie and Fran combined.

This recap of Hitmen season 1, episode 2, “Money”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Hitmen episode 2 has perhaps the best guest star of the season in Sian Clifford, an embezzling accountant who has been skimming off the top of Mr. K’s earnings. She’s smarter than Fran and Jamie combined, wealthy enough to have “people”, and she has bargaining power: All Mr. K’s savings in a high-security bank account that only she can access, and that she has to check into every six hours or gets permanently frozen.

Mr. K suggests to Fran that she and Jamie torture the password for that account out of the Accountant, which is the hook of “Money”. Nobody’s keen on this idea, especially the hitmen, who prefer a clean kill and have to Google potential torture techniques. All the while, Fran is concerned that her husband is stealing from her — the episode opens with her on the phone to her bank’s fraud prevention team — and Jamie is seeing a guy at the moment who she doesn’t find interesting — he’s the boyfriend equivalent of plain high-fiber cereal.

Opening up about this stuff is a form of torture in itself, but it’s better than Jamie’s idea of giving the Accountant three extra strong mints at once. After inspiring Fran to tell her husband how she feels, the Accountant then convinces Jamie that she’s the brains of this operation and agrees to give her, and only her, the password, which she claims to be simply “2”, so she doesn’t forget it. She’s trying to drive a wedge between her captors, and we immediately see it working when Jamie calls Mr. K with the fake password and accuses Fran of being jealous when she tries to intervene. “This is turning out to be quite fun,” says the Accountant, point obviously proven.

But a breakthrough arrives in the form of Jamie’s perfect but boring boyfriend Colin (Sheldon Frett), an underwear model whose real passion is helping disadvantaged children. He’s a dork, and as if to prove it he has turned up with vegetable soup. The Accountant’s hungry and would like some, which Fran thinks might be an opportunity to break her. “I’m not going to get so hungry in the next two hours that I give up millions of pounds. I’m not a cartoon bear.”

The Accountant is, though, badly allergic to soy, and has an emergency reaction to the soup that requires Fran and Jamie to call Liz and Charles, much to their annoyance. Those two break off from infiltrating a sex ring — they’re both in leather outfits — to help, at which point Fran comes up with the new torture method of giving her soy foodstuffs and then repeatedly bringing her back from the brink. The Accountant agrees to give them the password but it’s encrypted so they’ll need to take her to her office, where the cavalry arrives to save her. But the Accountant bites Jamie’s hand, which is covered in teriyaki, so she has another allergic reaction while Fran fights the goons off. She finally gives up the password and transfers the money. Hitmen season 1, episode 2 ends with Fran shooting her as Jamie buys Fran’s laptop for a tenner — her husband is selling all her stuff online.

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