Was It Love? episode 10 recap and breakdown – who is Ha-nee’s father?

August 6, 2020
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Episode 11 was better without all the childish scenes as Ae-jeong confronts her feelings for the first time.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Was it Love? episode 10 open?

It starts in the year 2006 and Ae-jeong pays Dae-o a visit at a cafe — he’s working hard and doesn’t even notice her at first. She seems a little bothered that he’s too busy but he is submitting his work to a contest. Later, while in a park, Ae-jeong asks Dae-o his thoughts on marriage but he barely seems engaged in the conversation. Ae-jeong narrates how she loved him more than he loved her and the imbalance caused them to break up.

A-rin accidentally hurts herself

In the present day, she takes a leap of faith and considers giving Dae-o a chance — an opportunity to at least talk. Meanwhile, A-rin has brought food over to Dae-o’s place. She spills a drink over herself and accidentally cuts her finger. Dae-o offers to get some ointment from the shop and tells A-rin to make herself at home. In a flashback, a teacher believes A-rin has cheated in her classes because her report is so good. Dae-o is impressed and tells A-rin to show the report card to her mother. Episode 10 suggests that A-rin liked the fact that Dae-o seemed to care and showed an interest. He believed in her.

Terminating contracts

Ms Song approaches Ryu Jin about his potential child and shows him a photo. She fires Ryu Jin’s manager but Ryu Jin doesn’t accept her decision and fires her despite the contract they have in place. He tells Ms. Song to begin the termination of the contract; he wants to cut all ties.

An unexpected guest

While Dae-o is out at the shops, A-rin is all smitten that she’s in his house. Ae-jeong then rings the doorbell and asks if she can speak to Dae-o. A-rin tells Ae-jeong that she really likes Dae-o and he’s the one for her. She asks Ae-jeong if she can have this night with Dae-o alone but when he returns, Ae-jeong insists that she wants to talk to him. Dae-o asks A-rin to give them space which clearly upsets her. It should have dawned on her in this scene that Dae-o’s interests are purely for Ae-jeong.

The talk

Ae-jeong tells Dae-o that she had something to say but she can’t after seeing a woman in his house with his clothes on just like 14 years ago. Dae-o doesn’t know what she’s talking about and insists he never cheated. Ae-jeong continues to accuse him of cheating, stating it caused a lot of pain and suffering. Ae-jeong tells Dae-o not to mention the past again as every time they untie a knot, it creates another one. She reminds him of what he put her through back then and he reminds her that she hasn’t changed with her trust issues. Dae-o ends the conversation stating he’s over her and asks Ae-jeong to leave.

This is the first time both characters have talked about the past and it was an absolute failure.

Drunken Ae-jeong

Ae-jeong heads home drunk, dropping off friend chicken to her daughter, Ryu Jin sees her and helps her out as she’s staggering all over the place. He seems concerned about her. She talks about a burden that she’s had for 14 years and that she’s managed to get rid of it; she doesn’t want to get hurt anymore. Episode 10 confirms that Ae-jeong was never over Dae-o.

You can’t tell my mother about this

Was It Love? episode 10 shows Ha-nee’s concerns over the biological father conundrum spill over with her grandma.

Ha-nee catches her grandma looking through her diary. She tells her that the actor is her father. The grandma is confused and Ha-nee states she shouldn’t like the actor Ryu Jin anymore. This clearly impacts Ha-nee’s grandma who suddenly feels guilty for making the effort with Ryu Jin.

Personal matters aside

While practicing sword fighting for the film, A-rin taunts Ryu Jin and gives him the theory that he wouldn’t have cut ties with Ms. Song unless it was about a woman. Ae-jeong talks to Ryu Jin about the rumor. He tells her he can take care of himself and that she should get on with the film. Ryu Jin wants to meet Ms. Song after a disturbing text; she appears to have DNA results.

Keeping distant

At a meal together, Dae-o apologizes to A-rin for overstepping the mark and letting her in his house late that night, which was apparently imprudent. A-rin states she invited herself and asks Dae-o if he’s keeping his distance because of Ae-jeong. A-rin’s frustration with Dae-o over the Ae-jeong situation finally spills out. It just goes to show Dae-o’s lack of self-awareness.

I’m prepared to be the family

Yeon-woo visits his mother. She tells him she saw everything (meaning Ae-jeong) and knows he lives with her. She thinks that they both have a family. Yeon-woo tells his mother it’s not what she thinks but he’s prepared to be the father. At this stage, it’s easy to wonder why Yeon-woo feels he has a chance of getting with Ae-jeong.

I’m looking for my father

Dae-o sees Ha-nee walk into a bar and asks what she’s doing here. They talk about Dong-chan again and Ha-nee insists he is not her boyfriend and was her only friend. She then brings up how she’s still searching for her father and wants revenge when she finds him for what he did to her mother. Dae-o tries comforting her before stating she has her mother’s temper.

How does Was it Love? episode 10 end?

Ryu Jin heads to Ms. Song’s office angry. She has the DNA results on her desk. She’s threatening to take the results to Ae-jeong. Ryu Jin is worried that the results will now end up in the papers. As Dae-o drives home, he becomes curious about Ha-nee’s search for her father. Ryu Jin finally heads to Ae-jeong’s house but then the grandma comes out angry, thinking that Ryu Jin has ruined Ae-jeong’s life and attacks him.

Ryu Jin brings up that rainy day 14 years ago. Ae-jeong tells Ryu Jin he is wrong and that it “isn’t him”, presuming she means he is not the father. Dae-o comes around the corner and says ,”Is it me?”.

Well, let’s hope episode 11 tells us but I suspect they will drag the biological father storyline until the very end. Episode 11 was better without all the childish scenes as Ae-jeong confronts her feelings for the first time.

Additional points
  • At school, Dong-chan is still avoiding Ha-nee as he’s still embarrassed over the “boyfriend/girlfriend” conversation from the previous episode. He’s worried that if his mother is Ae-jeong, then that makes him and Ha-nee siblings. Eventually, the pair speak and Dong-chan asks Ha-nee whether or not she really needs to have a DNA test. The pair argue and Ha-nee is upset.
  • Koo Pa-do remembers when Tan Zi To died in his arms, bleeding out, and she asks him to protect her boy. Dong-chan is in the cupboard nearby.

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