Little Voice season 1, episode 7 recap – what happens in “Ghost Light”?

August 7, 2020
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“Ghost Light” shows the pains of trying to secure a record deal as Bess goes through a painful moment in her career.

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“Ghost Light” shows the pains of trying to secure a record deal as Bess goes through a painful moment in her career.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 7, “Ghost Light” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 7, “Ghost Light” open?

Bess wakes up humming and seems suddenly concerned and looks frantically around her room. She leaves a note that says, “Don’t disappear”. Prisha and her family come through the door and believe the place has been robbed — but it hasn’t, Bess has lost her notebook where she writes all her songs in. In the bathroom, Prisha and Bess make friends after they recently had an intense argument. Bess is fretting that she doesn’t have enough songs for her record label meetings — first world problems.

Meeting Ethan’s grandfather

While practicing in the storage unit, Ethan’s grandfather shows up and gives her advice on some of the lyrics. Surprise, surprise, Ethan’s father is a poet — how cliché and typical of a JJ Abrams-involved project. The awkward tension between Bess and Ethan is still there.

Stop coming to Louie’s aid

Louie is continuing to make his Broadway vlog. His friend Phil calls his vlog boring and they end up fighting over the camera and it breaks. A meeting is held between both friends and Louie brings up that Bess only has 17 hits on her music video which clearly impacts Bess. Louie’s care worker asks Bess why she always turns up every time Louie has a problem — she accuses Bess of preventing Louie’s development. Bess gets emotional and angry over the care worker’s claims that Louie will ruin her dreams if she always answers to his call.

The care worker seems to have a point that matches the story.

There’s no motivation

Bess returns home to practice and create songs but she finds herself sorting the room out before playing — she plays the Friends theme tune and then eats loads of snacks in between playing instruments. She’s clearly finding any reason to procrastinate. Her motivation is at an all-time low. She has a mental block.

Imagination running wild

Little Voice season 1, episode 7 then gets a little trippy in terms of direction.

Bess’s imagination runs wild as she is somehow now in the Victorian ages, watching a maid tie a dress onto a woman. The two women are in love and Bess starts playing the piano as they kiss. They are Russian, and one of the women ends up married to another man as the maid watches on with pain in her eyes. Bess starts singing “Ghost Light”.

And then Louie calls and she doesn’t answer for once. She’s clearly taking the advice of the care worker. Her imagination continues to run wild as she imagines a Spanish family in her house with a single mother. The father enters the house and shouts at the family. Bess starts singing again. The mother of the family plays the piano on her own so Bess joins her to finish the song. Episode 7 shows Bess’s creative process which is fractured but reflects how much songwriters have to deep dive sometimes.

The big day

The next day, Bess prepares a meeting with a record label organized by Benny. Samuel states he has a good feeling about all the meetings planned — bless him trying to keep his crush positive. Bess and Samuel perform for the first meeting. The record lab executive is really impressed and says she is just a voice and wonders how great she’d be with a real songwriter. Bess is clearly offended.

Bess meets with other record labels and is getting mixed results — it’s an irritating string of meetings. In another meeting, the executive says that she’s a songwriter and he cannot wait for a real singer to sing her songs. Ouch!

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 7, “Ghost Light” end?

She has one last meeting and the producer from the studio sessions is there who has been creepy with Bess in the past. The executive thinks she has an authentic sound. The record label wants to work with her but doesn’t know how to market her. It’s a kind, warm rejection. As she walks out, the creepy producer tries comforting her but she calls him a d*ck.

When the day is over, Samuel tells Bess that she makes the bad days better — again, bless him but he may have a chance with her as he does seem to be there when she needs care as the next scene shows. Bess then sees her father in an alleyway with homeless people drinking. He drunkenly tells her to leave him alone and walks off. She’s distraught and Samuel hugs her; they go to bed and lay in bed while Samuel comforts her. Episode 7 shows the pains of trying to secure a record deal as Bess goes through a painful moment in her career.

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