High Seas season 3, episode 1 recap – “New Course” ahoy



“New Course” sets up a new season and a new, deadly mystery, as old and new faces unite for another voyage.

This recap of High Seas season 3, episode 1, “New Course”, contains spoilers.

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And so we set sail on a new voyage aboard the Barbara de Braganza, and this soapy Spanish mystery series wastes no time in laying out its third-season stall. We’ll be putting together the pieces to a new puzzle involving a deadly virus spreading throughout the ship, and “New Course” makes clear quickly, as we see Nicolas hurrying to find Eva, that there will be plenty of familiar faces for this latest outing.

Eva, as we learn during a seven-days-earlier flashback to Buenos Aires, is a successful novelist now. She’s obviously well-known enough to attract the attention of Fabio, who leaves her a little message and, when he later meets with her, reveals he’s an undercover British spy and requires her help in figuring out which of the Barbara de Braganza’s passengers has boarded with a deadly virus.

It’s as good a setup as any, and it’s quickly populated with some new faces, including an obscured one belonging to Diana, a woman mummified in bandages following a horrific, disfiguring fire. She’s boarding with her mother, Carmen, and their doctor, Ayala. Eva’s first task, as explained by Steve Taylor, who’s in charge of the operation, is to find and arrest Austrian scientist Friedrich Untermann, who’s traveling on a fake French passport – Eva needs to recover the passports in order to help determine who Friedrich is, compelled to do so with photos of the virus’s typically unpleasant effects.

Eva has more than this to worry about, of course, since Nicolas is aboard – you’ll recall he went back to his wife, awkward – along with the captain and Detective Varela, which is all sure to delight existing fans.

“New Course” sees Eva breaking into ship-owner Fernando’s office with Fabio and finding their first suspect: Jean-Paul, who carries a metal case. Meanwhile, we see that Carmen and Diana are up to something since the latter stands up and paces around, contrary to first impressions, and they have a photo of Eva and Fabio. A mystery is afoot!

That evening, Eva and Fabio take the opportunity to break into Jean-Paul’s cabin. The metal case is there, and when he returns, he cautions against opening it without guidance. But there’s no virus inside – it’s an Aztec statue. He’s a historian. One suspect down, over a thousand more to go. With only five episodes remaining, this process better speed up.

High Seas season 3, episode 1 provides a decent opening chapter of set-up, with old and new faces, a new, more grounded mystery, and plenty of potential – given the history of this show, though, that potential could quite easily be used as a springboard into all kinds of wacky directions. We’ll have to wait and see.

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