Little Voice season 1, episode 8 recap – what happens in “Sea Change”? Not coping.



The penultimate episode sees Bess’s life continue to spiral as she’s struggling to cope with her father’s disappearance.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 8, “Sea Change” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 8, “Sea Change” open?

Bess wakes up and grabs Samuel’s hand; the birds are chirping. She wants to go look for her father and Samuel offers to go with her. Bess thanks him but she refuses his help. She then walks back to the apartment and accepts his help. It’s almost like she’s refusing is help at first because she can sense that he has feelings. The pair look around the city and Bess cannot find him. She then looks around the city and Prisha assures her that it’s not her fault.


Bess meets Louie and reveals that their father cannot make it, which means they cannot go to Broadway. She insists that they will need to do Louie’s birthday another time. Then there’s a knock on Louie’s apartment door — it’s their mother. Their mother managed to find them because she saw Louie on his vlog. Bess is clearly irritated that their mother is here even though Louie is pumped to see her. Bess and her mother agree to meet later.

Ethan has gone

Bess and Louie go to a care home and Bess sings for the elderly. Its someone’s birthday. Afterwards, she heads to the storage units and she learns that Ethan has left. He left her a message — “Songbird”. It’s just getting more and more painful for Bess as the series wears on.

Repairing the relationship

Bess meets her mother for a coffee and it’s general chit chat but it’s clear Bess is still not coping. Her mother tells Bess that her father used to be a difficult person back then and that she’s healed — she’s willing to stay as long as she needs to in order to repair her relationship with Bess. There’s plenty of history implied in this conversation.

Pretending to be in a relationship

Prisha’s current date tells her he cannot see her anymore because he’s in love with someone. She admits to the man that she’s gay and feels relieved that she’s finally said it. The man has fallen in love with a non-Indian woman so they both agree to pretend to be together for their families. Prisha’s girlfriend doesn’t like this arrangement as she feels like she is hidden — she’s absolutely right.

Let it go

At work, Bess is still not coping. Benny tells her about another label that looks promising but she’s not interested. She suggests to Benny that he’s doing it for him but not for her and tells him to let it go. Bess’s manager keeps seeing her take shots and brings up her father — he advises not to throw her life away.

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 8, “Sea Change” end?

And then Ethan turns up and explains he left his girlfriend and he wants to talk. Bess walks outside with Ethan and tells him she is not an item on a menu. Ethan says he is here now for her. She tells him to leave. Samuel is looking from a distance. Is this going to end very messy this love triangle? It looks like it…

Bess returns into work with tears running down her face. Meanwhile, Prisha lays in bed at home and she’s upset at the situation she’s in; Bess’s mother puts a photo up of her children; Louie stares into the rain — everyone is depressed at the same time! The penultimate episode sees Bess’s life continue to spiral as she’s struggling to cope with her father’s disappearance.

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