Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

August 14, 2020
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“Something Sour Patch” was an emotional but fun rollercoaster as the sisters eke out the final truths about their mother.

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“Something Sour Patch” was an emotional but fun rollercoaster as the sisters eke out the final truths about their mother.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 10, “Something Sour Patch”, the ending explained, contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 10, “Something Sour Patch”

In the car, the sisters are still angry with each other. They get home and their parents are saying they were worried sick. Blair cuts to the chase and starts listing things about her mother and the church she belongs to in Nandina, and the most shocking part — she is a fugitive for first-degree arson. The sisters demand the truth.

The secret

Debbie admits she hasn’t been entirely truthful about her past as she was trying to protect them; in her past, she ended up in the wrong extreme crowd and acted out of hate — she set fire to an abortion clinic. She regrets it and was acting under the influence of persuasive people. Debbie assures them she has protected them since and worked very hard to give them this life.

The sisters ask if they are safe; their parents say they have lawyers and a plan. Debbie seems relieved and wants her daughters to enjoy themselves to go to a lock-in. You just know that it isn’t over from here — and you also know there are more twists to come.

Bowser knows

Bowser asks the sisters to go to come to the Yoghurt shop. He asks them why they work for him. He shows them the picture of their mother on a most wanted poster. The sisters try to argue that they’ve just found out but he isn’t buying it. Bowser states that working with the sisters has made him soft — he fires both of them.

They ask if he’s going to turn in their mother and says no, but because of them, he’s had to give up his ethics and $90k. Bowser is mad understandably and he’s loving his new circle very quickly.

I think I love him

Blair is upset because she feels rejected again. She opened up to Bowser so it’s another blow. The sisters then talk about their argument in Nandina — Blair thinks it sucks that Sterling is right; she makes the drama so life feels bad because of her actions. Blair doesn’t want to go to the lock-in, she wants to be with Miles — she thinks she loves him.

Sterling thinks she may be in love with April but she’s not sure. Blair tells her sister that she doesn’t care that she’s gay.

The lock-in starts

Sterling goes to the overnight lock-in with her PJs and she learns April is running is late. April finally turns up. Ellen the teacher is very excitable about it.

At the lock-in, April hasn’t saved her a spot and her sleeping bag is now next to Luke. Sterling is frustrated and asks about the scavenger hunt but April isn’t showing interest. This is an emotionally frustrating situation and it puts Sterling in a bad place.

Interrupting family dinner

Blair goes to Miles’ house and looks for Miles. She interrupts family dinner and asks if she can speak to Miles. He says no so Blair gives her speech in front of the whole family. She tells him that she feels like she belongs to him — “I love you, Miles”. Miles’ mother asks him who Blair is. Blair is upset that Miles didn’t tell his family about her.

He runs after Blair and says he is sorry and explains his mother is mid-campaign and that Blair is the daughter of Republicans. Blair realises Miles was ashamed of her but he refutes that idea, saying he had to fit in with his family. The pair argue about what Blair wants. Blair walks off telling him he’s going to lose out. A heartbreaking moment for Miles who was besotted by Blair; they were eventually split by political ties.

Playing the playlist

At the lock-in, Sterling plays the playlist she and April created and she sees April crying in the distance. She walks but, of course, it’s a lock-in so she can’t leave. Sterling breaks down next to a door so April grabs the keys and unlocks it.

April stops Sterling and asks to sit with her. She tells Sterling she doesn’t want to come out yet and she changed her mind. Sterling tries kissing her and she’s rejected — this was painful to watch as you can feel Sterling’s world collapse at this moment. April is worried about her father — he got cleared of his charges and he’s not a fan of the LGBTQ+ community. Sterling is shocked that her father is out and thinks it will come back to bite him.

“Mother” shows up

As we approach the ending, Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 10 provides a finale-type twist to keep audiences excited for the second season.

Luke tells Sterling he saw her crying and that he is here for her as a friend. He seems to have matured. He asks Sterling if she can ask April out — with tears in her eyes, she says he can and then she kisses him. Suddenly, her mother shows up and tells her to get in the car.

At home, Blair says she’s going to pick Sterling up because she’s not having a good time at the lock-in. She gets a text back that she’s with her mother. But… Debbie is at home with Blair. Debbie drops her plate.

The big twist

In the car, Sterling notices things that don’t seem like her mother and she panics. Sterling asks a test question and screams when the woman she’s with gets it wrong. It’s her mother’s twin sister Dana. Back at home, Blair thinks it’s insane that her parents kept this secret from them. Back in the car, Dana explains she did something that people didn’t like so she had to lay low for 16 years — it was Dana that burned down the abortion clinic and Debbie and Anderson made sure she was financially okay but recently she’s become dangerous again as they haven’t provided everything that Dana has demanded.

Back in the car, Dana throws Sterling’s phone out of the car. At home, Blair is mad that they lied. Despite Debbie not wanting to, Anderson states they are calling the police.

Bowser wants to leave

Bowser visits Yolanda and tells her he is leaving town for a little bit and that he’s going to Florida. Yolanda reminds him that he left Florida for a reason. Yolanda clearly doesn’t want him to leave but Bowser believes it’s a dead-end staying here because she’s with somebody, referring to Terrance.

Something Sour Patch

In the car with Dana, Sterling rants about how she wants to urinate so Dana pulls over. Sterling uses her debit card to gets loads of Sour Patch sweets from a vending machine and empties one of the bags on the floor. She then goes to the bathroom and prays to God and asks for help.

Sterling hates Sour Patch sweets

Bowser is helping Blair find Sterling. She sees her bank transaction and they track down the vending machine. Blair sees Sour Patch sweets on the floor — Sterling hates them but Blair loves those sweets. They go to the bathroom and Sterling has left a message about Dana and the man she’s meeting — Levi.

Finding an address

Blair has managed to recruit Bowser to help out. Bowser rings Terrance and asks about Levi; he looks in a database and finds an address. Debbie rings Blair and she tells her mother to trust her. At home, the police are being sceptical. Debbie secretly tells Anderson that she knows where Dana might be heading and they sneak away from the police. Everything is starting to tie together well as season 1 comes to an end.

Levi’s place

Dana and Sterling get to Levi’s place. Levi states this was not part of the plan but with the new scenario, he’s going to ask for more money from the family. He tells Dana to put Sterling in the bathroom. Sterling tells Dana to leave Levi and be a good Christian because she’s just a kid. Dana is tempted but states it’s easier said than done and gags her.

Blair talks to Sterling using their telepathic powers (it’s a twin thing apparently) and gives Bowser the situation. The telepathic powers are put to good use in season 1.

Levi starts shooting his gun towards Bowser and Blair. Meanwhile, Sterling kicks down her bathroom door. Dana grabs her and says they have to go. Bowser manages to get a shot on Levi’s leg. Dana puts Sterling in the car but then Debbie shows up and puts a shotgun on her and tells her sister to put the gun down. Sterling is saved.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 10, “Something Sour Patch”

Debbie looks at her sister Dana and tells her they gave her everything she asked for — “I would never let you take my daughter from me”.

Dana and Debbie suddenly telepathically talk to each other and Dana has a smile on her face and says, “You gonna tell her or should I?”. Season 1 ends with another good twist — Debbie telepathically says she’s done everything for her and tells her not to say anything. Dana tells Debbie that she can hear the sirens and this is it for her while she goes back to living her perfect little life — “Then let me have this one last moment of truth”.

Dana turns to Sterling and tells her she is her daughter. Blair and Sterling look at each other in despair. Does this mean they are not twins? We can also assume that Blair is the daughter of Debbie. Plenty of drama for the second season.

Episode 10 was an emotional but fun rollercoaster as the sisters eke out the final truths about their mother.

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