Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 2 recap – “What’s a Jennings”

August 14, 2020
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“What’s A Jennings” sees the twin sisters take on a new life of bounty hunting while also dealing with school drama and relationships.

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“What’s A Jennings” sees the twin sisters take on a new life of bounty hunting while also dealing with school drama and relationships.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 2, “What’s a Jennings” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 2, “What’s a Jennings”

It begins with the twin sisters practicing their bounty hunter flair. Blair criticizes Sterling’s approach. The characters seem to be taking on this new life rather well. Suddenly, both women panic as they have to get to Church in twelve minutes.

The sex challenge

They manage to get to Church. The pastor does an adult-themed sermon and talks about sex. He issues a challenge to the married couples; to have sex every day. Blair whispers to Sterling that she’s already doing the challenge — it’s enjoyable watching these teenagers be immature whenever they feel like it — it adds an edge to the story.

The new job

At work, Blair is frustrated that her sister beat her to sex as she hasn’t sealed the deal with Jennings yet. Sterling reveals she and Luke are in love which is why they had sex. Blair wants to fall in love very quickly so they can have sex — there’s no way you can just fall in love though which makes it funny.

Bowser wants a story of how they met for Yolanda, the woman that gives them bounties — the story clearly doesn’t work. The next assignment is Kenneth Chu, a counterfeiter. The twin sisters reveal they have wigs for different missions — Blair starts to pretend to be Russian to try to prove her point. Bowser tells them that they cannot have this mission but they can ride with him. He’s easing them into this slowly — you can tell he has a soft spot for the twins.

Finding Kenneth

While out and about with Bowser, Blair talks of how she and Jennings need to have sex. Bowser reveals that they are at their last known address of Kenneth. He asks them to enter the care home and pretend to be offering services from the Church. When they get inside, they let Bowser in from the back exit.

There is a Linda Chu at the care home and she says she hasn’t seen her son Kenneth for a year. Afterward, Blair realizes Linda called him “Tookie” so she finds his social media account. Blair suggests they do a stakeout. Bowser agrees to this stakeout but without phones. He’s clearly not enjoying the generations before him that cannot stop being on social media.

April returns and foiling the blackmail

Sterling leads her first Fellowship group and gives them all religious advice. The teacher gives Sterling her parking space. While in prayer, April returns and claims her father is in Tokyo (when he’s really in prison) — the twins play it cool.

And then it happens… April shows Sterling the torn condom and asks her to resign as leader of the Fellowship by Friday. To stop April’s blackmail, Sterling and Blair spread a rumor that a dropped condom was found on the floor at the Fellowship and it spreads around the Academy like wildfire. The sisters have foiled the blackmail. Clever.

The questions aren’t working

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 2 quickly brings some closure to Blair and Jennings so the story can move on.

Blair continues to try fall in love with Jennings by asking him soul mate questions from a lifestyle website. However, the questions are not working and they are not falling in love.

The failed stakeout

The stakeout begins and Blair tells Sterling she’s dying of horniness. Blair gets impatient and enters a waxing establishment to find Kenneth Chu. She asks the woman who waxes her questions about her boyfriend Kenneth Chu but she catches on to what’s happening and the woman flees. Bowser is angry and states that if he doesn’t get paid, they don’t get paid.

Break up and April’s new approach

Jennings tells Blair that they aren’t in love. They start sharing things with each other; the pair admit they don’t like each other either and break up on the spot. This was one of the quickest, most cutthroat break-ups in history.

April is not giving up on her blackmail and tells Luke that she knows he has strayed with Sterling. Luke is flabbergasted. Sterling approaches April about her threat to Luke — April tells Sterling to resign or she will oust both her and Luke. They talk about her father briefly and April is upset about what her father did to the sex worker, stating that sex workers deserve to be safe. I think the end of this scene brings a little humanity to April and separates her from her father.

Fake cash

The twins head to the drug store to get a new heat pad for their father. When they try to pay, the cashier tells them the notes are fake — they got the cash from the change at the food stand at the care home. They alert Bowser and say Kenneth Chu must have been there. The mission is back on so they need to think of a new alibi for their parents. The twins promise not to tell anyone about their bounty hunter life. I mean, that would be wise.

Capturing Kenneth

With Bowser, the twins head to the care home — he tells one of them to kick down the doors. They finally find Kenneth Chu in one of the rooms and then chase after him. Linda Chu sees what is happening and sounds the alarm. They catch him and the twins have the money to pay back their parents.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 2, “What’s a Jennings”

The twins talk about catching the Pastor buying cigarettes at the store. Sterling wonders if that means she can own her sins at the Fellowship just like the Pastor did.

At the Fellowship, Sterling tells everyone that she and Luke are having sex and the condom wrapper was hers. Everyone laughs, thinking it’s a joke. April stands up and says they are telling the truth and shows the ripped condom. The others believe the condom belongs to April but Sterling stands up and admits it is her condom. She states that she’s a good person and God loves her as the room goes quiet.

An upset Sterling tells Ellen that she wants to stand down as Fellowship leader. Ellen applauds her for self-care and going after her desires. Episode 2 sees the twin sisters take on a new life of bounty hunting while also dealing with school drama and relationships.

Additional points
  • Luke asks Sterling if God is mad at them for having sex.

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