Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3 recap – “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel”

August 14, 2020
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“This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel” is very in theme to today’s Black Lives Matters with the subject of removing statues in another funny episode.

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“This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel” is very in theme to today’s Black Lives Matters with the subject of removing statues in another funny episode.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3, “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3, “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel”

The opener shows how a Confederate statue’s head has been cut off and it’s the talk of the town with police everywhere. In terms of Sterling, she’s dreading going to school after the “sex reveal” in the Fellowship but Blair reassures her. When she gets to Willingham Academy there’s an eeriness around her. April tells her she cannot join the Fellowship because others are processing the news of what she did. Luke also feels humiliated after his golf team oust him — they’ve taken away his captainship. Episode 3 shows Sterling getting punished based on religious constructs.

The statue killer

Bowser tells the twins about their next target — a woman arrested for cutting the head off a Confederate statue. The twins think the woman is a badass. Bowser says they need to figure out which statue she’s going to get next — there are 174 confederate statues in Atlanta. The twins ask if Bowser is comfortable with capturing this woman as she’s clearly doing it for anti-racism. Bowser explains that his job is to capture bounties. It’s an important question from the twins — episode 3 demonstrates how the law often becomes a barrier to moral actions.

Family lunch

The twins and the family join their grandparents for lunch. The grandmother has memory issues that raise concerns on the table. The twin’s father is trying to impress the grandfather by talking about bringing in more business. He wants to be a partner in the family business.

The grandfather talks about how he is disgusted about the Confederate statues being taken down; Blair cannot help herself and states it is a brave political statement — the grandfather leaves the table. The story brings that common scenario where our elderly often do not understand the need for progress.

Working out the next statue

The twins and Bowser meet a Confederate museum owner to try and find some logic of where Clea is going to go next. They figure that Belwood Park will be the next target but they aren’t entirely certain.

New friends and new love interest

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3 brings that feeling of loneliness a school can bring; the sense you are being ousted.

Sterling tries to find a new group of friends at school. The new group she tries to join are devil worshippers but she finds it a conflict of interest, obviously. Meanwhile, Blair sees Miles out of his work clothes and in his own clothes. She suddenly finds him very attractive and makes it into a proper date at Bargain Hole — she purposefully dressed down to try put him off but this has obviously backfired now. Miles brings up a college party he needs to go to and she wants to go. Blair rings Sterling about the college party and announces that “Miles is hot”. And the new romance for Blair starts from here.

Be the man that you were

The twin’s parents argue about getting more involved in the family business. The mother just wishes that the man she married stood up for herself more — “I miss that man”. Later on, the father sticks up for himself and tells the grandfather that he quits the business. He then kisses his wife after his bravery.

Blair enters the college party looking her best self and Miles is impressed. She wants to look cool and chill and tells Sterling to calm down. The twin sisters clearly don’t know how to act cool. They stick out like a sore thumb!

Wrong statue

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3 confirms what the characters suspected — they pinpointed the wrong statue.

Bowser ends up teaming up with a group of racists as they vow to protect the statue and “get her good” which concerns him. He realizes that the statue is made out of granite and texts the twins that there is no way that Clea could cut the head off with a metal saw.

Activism talk and throwing up

The party continues and the twins seem to be enjoying themselves. Another girl is trying to hit on Miles and Blair doesn’t know what to do — the other girl is black and is talking about the statues and her theories. Blair tries to fit in by stating that she supports Clea. It ends up in an argument where Miles calls her out for thinking all black people need to have the same opinion. He then points out that Blair didn’t want to date him at first. She has no time to resolve the issue as Sterling drunkenly shouts she knows where the next statue is going to be and throws up everywhere. Episode 3 is heavily focused on discourse, bringing the subject of activism to the fray.

Finding Clea

The twins leave the party and Sterling rings Bowser with the location of the next statue. Bowser leaves the racists behind and they find Clea cutting off the head of the statue. Blair says she’s cool and tells Bowser to let her go but he states he’s just doing his job. Bowser tells Clea to finish cutting off the head before taking her in.

Sterling asks Clea why she cuts off the heads of Confederate statues near schools — Clea explains that she doesn’t like children walking by every day, looking up to men who loved owning people.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 3, “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel”

Blair meets Miles while he’s at work and wants to pick him up for a real date — she asks him for a chance as she didn’t realize he was hot. At least she was honest…

At school, Sterling is still lonely and now she’s been judged for partying which was seen on Instagram. She manages to turn it around and she says she was brought back by the lord and she finally has the attention again from the Fellowship — April is not amused at all.

When Sterling gets home her mother is mad that she’s been drinking at a college party. The mother says that if she wants to live under this roof there’s no drinking. She sends Sterling to a tent outside. What a harsh punishment but hilarious at the same time. Episode 3, “This Must Be How Dumb Kids Feel” is very in theme to today’s Black Lives Matter with the subject of removing statues in another funny episode.

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