Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5 recap – “Death Is Bad”

August 14, 2020
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“Death Is Bad” puts the acceptance of death into the light as both sisters are not sure how to deal with it.

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“Death Is Bad” puts the acceptance of death into the light as both sisters are not sure how to deal with it.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5, “Death Is Bad” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5, “Death Is Bad”

The opening of the episode sees teacher Mr Koontz get on with his life. While eating his lunch on a park bench he chokes to death on a sandwich. At school, Sterling says she misses Luke now that she cannot see him in her spare time. Blair tells Sterling she plans to lose her virginity with Miles and both sisters are excited. This is a mixed start to “Death Is Bad”.

The announcement

Over the intercom in class, it’s revealed that substitute teacher Mr Koontz died. Blair has no idea who he is. The sisters realise this is the first time someone has died in their life apart from pets. Luke tells the twin sisters that Mr Koontz is agnostic so he won’t go to heaven. The relationship between Sterling and Luke is intense in episode 5 and we find out later how it all ends.

Planning the service

Sterling asks Ellen and April if they can do a memorial for Mr Koontz but Ellen says they can’t have a service for someone who isn’t strongly tied to the school. Sterling stays she will help plan the memorial and April suddenly wants to be involved. April, Sterling and Luke will be planning the service together. The rivalry between April and Sterling continues…

Meeting Terrance Coin

The sisters go to Bowser’s place and are surprised by how little he has in his small place. He wants them to move the yoghurt toppings from his apartment to the shop. The sisters want to continue to help Bowser to improve his wellbeing. Famous bounty hunter Terrance Coin is getting an assignment from Yolanda and Bowser isn’t too happy to see him. Sterling and Blair are so excited to see Terrance and find him inspiring. Terrance is a caricature of a bounty hunter, it’s strange.

A new assignment

Afterwards, Bowser calls Terrance a d*ck for asking about his eating regime. Yolanda gives the group a new assignment — Cherry Grigio — an exotic dancer who owns 15 grand in parking tickets. Bowser calls her a “slippery stripper”. He’s captured her before and doesn’t want to again because she’s caused too much stress on his life.

There’s something spiritual going

Blair believes there’s something spiritual happening since Mr Koontz has died and rings Miles about it. Miles recommends praying and then the pair talk about the date night they have planned. When Blair gets home, she says a prayer for Mr Koontz and asks God to let him into Heaven. She accidentally sets her Bible on fire and apologises to God.

Something special

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5 sees Sterling taking the memorial very seriously — she wants to treat the man who has died with respect.

The planning for the service begins and April goes into control mode. Sterling warns everyone that the memorial needs to be respectful — “It needs to be a simple memorial for a simple man”. April irrationally quits and reminds Sterling she needs to do a eulogy. Luke and Sterling look at Mr Koontz’s history for some inspiration.

The strip club

Sterling suggests that the burning Bible could be a sign that Mr Koontz has been allowed into Heaven. The sisters head to the strip club with Bowser to get Cherry Grigio — Bowser reminds them again that she’s slippery. The sisters have weird logic sometimes but it works within the quirkiness of the series.

Blaire and Sterling are impressed by how sexy the strip club is and how comfortable women are in their own bodies. They see Cherry Grigio and Bowser suggests triangulating her. Cherry wants to get her stuff but Blair doesn’t fall for it. Suddenly, Cherry is handed her baby and Bowser realises how complicated it is all of a sudden. Bowser asks Cherry to find child care before they take her in.

There’s no certainty with life and dead

Sterling gets emotional looking at Mr Koontz’s Instagram and Blair sees her dead teacher by the pool tables. Blair believes she has failed to usher Mr Koontz into heaven. She tells Bowser that he could die any moment and she’s worried two ghosts will torment her. Blair is having a crisis it seems, coupled with the prospect of losing her virginity to Miles.

Bowser tells Blair to consider that Heaven and Hell are constructs and that they may not exist. He continues and says there’s no certainty with life and death so advises that she doesn’t fret over it. This was wonderful advice and well-written into the show.

Cherry dances

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5 shows that Bowser has learnt from his lessons and is not giving up on Cherry.

While Cherry Grigio waits for her sister to pick up her daughter, she has a set to do on the stage. She dances on the poles and then dances on Bowser — he likes it. Suddenly, Bowser believes the other strippers are trying to help her get out and splits up the routine. The crowd boo him. There’s another obstacle as Cherry has a space cake — he can’t take her in if she has drugs in her system. Bowser tells the sisters to go home and he will wait 12 hours. This man is dedicated.

The memorial

The memorial starts and Luke is impressed. April shows up crying and making a scene. She’s being extra. Sterling walks out and starts the memorial. Luke comes on the stage and does a song with his guitar — the song is about Sterling more than Mr Koontz. You can tell Sterling is irritated by Luke’s attempt to be romantic — the memorial means a lot to Sterling.

Blair leaves the memorial and Miles shows up worried about her — she tells Miles she’s not sure about sex and he reassures her that there’s no rush. Blair talks of how the uncertainty of everything is playing on the mind, especially with life and death. Miles tells her he just wants to be with her.

Luke finally finishes his song and Sterling sarcastically thanks him. She then does the eulogy and uses what she saw on Instagram for her speech. Everyone loves her speech.

It’s not about us

Afterwards, Luke calls Sterling amazing. Sterling tells her it isn’t about her or them. She tells him they are only together because of circumstances and that she’s not sure she wants this relationship anymore. Luke is devastated as Sterling breaks up with him. She wants to learn about herself before her life is planned out. She wants to be alone. Episode 5, “Death Is Bad” gives a strong message regarding “loving yourself” and self-care. A message that is needed more in teen dramas.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 5, “Death Is Bad

Bowser has handcuffed Cherry Grigio in the car, waiting for the edibles to wear off. She admits to having a crush on Bowser and then leans in to kiss him. As she does, she pulls out a gun but Bowser is one step ahead of her — he removed the bullets. Bowser tells her she should change and that he was never going to fall for it As the episode ends, Sterling enjoys time alone. Blair and Miles have sex; Blair says she’s happy. Miles is caring as she loses her virginity to him. Episode 5 puts the acceptance of death into the light as both sisters are not sure how to deal with it.

Additional points
  • Sterling and Luke track each other’s activity logs online so they know what each other is doing.

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