Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 6 recap – “Master Debater”

August 14, 2020
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“Master Debater” is all about self-discovery as both sisters investigate different paths.

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“Master Debater” is all about self-discovery as both sisters investigate different paths.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 6, “Master Debater” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 6, “Master Debater”

It opens with Sterling in a deep sleep and she’s smiling; Luke is texting her constantly. As for Blair, she’s also happy after finally having sex and wakes up Sterling; she tells her the news and the number of times they had sex, including the orgasm. Sterling shows Blair the 27 text messages from Luke and doesn’t know what to do because she’s not feeling sad about it. This scene shows polar opposites of teenage love.

It’s time to cut corners

At breakfast, the sisters learn that their father is now unemployed and the family now has to cut corners. The family discusses how Sterling has a State Debate Competition coming up. April leads the debate team and has a dossier of the opponents; she reminds Sterling that she screwed up the year before. Sterling and April agree to be friends for the competition but afterward, they will be enemies.

Never had an orgasm

Blair keeps talking about her orgasms and Sterling asks for boundaries as she’s clearly bothered about the repeated conversation. Sterling then declares she’s never had an orgasm with Luke. Blair apologizes and explains that sex orgasms are hard for a girl. She is surprised that Sterling has never masturbated or used toys to get an orgasm. She recommends that she does it herself before having sex again — she also suggests hooking up with a few nerds.

Allowing Bowser and Yolanda to spend time together

Bowser has new targets; his idea is to capture a group of criminals all at once for a good payday. The twin sisters see some flirting between Yolanda and Bowser and they want to clear the way so they give an excuse not to do the latest mission so Yolanda and Bowser can do it together. The twin sisters are highly intuitive individuals.

What does their mother have to lie about

As they leave the bail bonds van they see their mother drive by and they are sh*tting themselves thinking she saw. When they get home they try and blag it with their mother; she doesn’t seem bothered and says she didn’t stop because she was off to a social event. The sisters are dumbstruck. Blair believes her mother was lying and wants to figure “what” she is lying about. The Netflix series is certainly drumming up a good twist.

Gain new experiences

Before the competition, April tries offering Sterling luck but she cannot muster up the words. Blair tells Sterling to pull a “Nerd” at the competition to get more experience. In terms of Bowser, he’s capturing the coupon scammers at the yogurt store. However, when taking them to the police, the truck breaks down. Yolanda and Bowser seem to be getting closer on their trip.

Follow my mother

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 6 sees Blair turn her focus directly on to her mother.

At home, Blair’s mother tells Miles she likes how her daughter hangs out with different cultures, basically saying he’s black; such an awkward conversation and a social scenario I have been in countless times. Blair wants to follow her mother’s car.

A great start.

At the debate competition, Sterling does well in her first round. April congratulates her and asks where’s she’s getting all the confidence; it’s because Sterling is making out with the nerds and gaining experience, just like Blair told her to.

The final

Further into the debate competition, April does not make it to the final because her opposition brought up her father which threw her off. April gives Sterling advice on the final and gives her a scoop on the finalist. Sterling does not want to stoop low and make it personal — it’s about the opponent’s mother who has been having an affair. April argues with Sterling about the time she took her away from her friendship group when younger — Sterling doesn’t remember but apologizes. April walks off upset and tells Sterling if she has a shred of decency she should use the scoop and win the final. This is a pivotal moment between both characters — it could go anywhere from here.

Continuing to spy

Blair continues to spy on her mother; Miles leaves the stakeout early. Her mother starts crying on the park bench and then answers her phone and starts screaming and shouting. Blair’s mother then texts Blair saying, “Tea will be late, stuck in traffic”. The plot is thickening, slowly.

A brief chat

Bowser thanks Yolanda for sticking around and they agree that they make a great team. Yolanda asks Bowser why he didn’t lock it down after their “One night” together. The two argue a little but it ends with them both laughing. Bowser then asks about her sister (who he used to be with) and Yolanda is bothered by the conversation and leaves.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 6, “Master Debater”

In the debate final, Sterling hesitates but then she doesn’t use the information that April gives her. April is furious but Sterling apologizes about their childhood. April doesn’t want her apologies and states their relationship is now as worse than ever. Sterling walks off and masturbates in a storage room while thinking about April — she has her first orgasm. She’s finally realized what makes her tick — her enemy.

Blair continues to follow her mother; she sees her taking out a wad of cash in a random back yard and then grab a shotgun. Well, that changes everything. Episode 6, “Master Debater” is all about self-discovery as both sisters investigate different paths.

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