Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 7 recap – “Cleave or Whatever”

August 14, 2020
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“Cleave or Whatever” continues a good run of episodes as the sister’s mother is acting suspicious and Sterling wants to understand her feelings.

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“Cleave or Whatever” continues a good run of episodes as the sister’s mother is acting suspicious and Sterling wants to understand her feelings.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 7, “Cleave or Whatever” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 7, “Cleave or Whatever”

The twin sisters are doing target practice with guns (of course) and Blair raises her concerns about their mother Debbie. Sterling is refusing to consider that their mother is a criminal mastermind and believes Blair is doing what she always does — stirring things up. Blair then apologizes to Sterling that she’s not had an orgasm yet — Sterling has not told her sister that she did have one while imagining April.

April is feeling down

At school, when April joins the class, Sterling is feeling smitten by her. One of the classmates states that April’s father started trial today so it’s best not to talk to her. The students are tasked with creating a Biblical Building — April suggests doing Solomon’s Temple. Sterling and April agree to pair up — Sterling got what she wanted and April has no idea. There’s plenty of tension in “Cleave or Whatever”

Bowser’s ex-wife

At the yogurt cafe, Bowser’s ex-wife Michelle shows up and Yolanda is there too. Yolanda is clearly bothered about the situation. His ex is here to look for a potential producer for her music. Yolanda thinks her sister needs funding from Bowser for the album — she tells the twin sisters that Michelle always uses Bowser for money.

Bowser insists he is not addicted to his ex-wife. The conversation turns quickly — they have a new target: Gary Durbin who has been dealing amphetamines.


Blair believes that their father Anderson knows about their mother’s secret life. She tells Sterling that she needs her to wring information out of him while hunting. Sterling cannot join as she’s doing the school project with April.

Blair and her father go out hunting. Anderson is not wanting to speak too much; he wants to concentrate. Grandfather and Uncle Deacon joins the hunting. Blair keeps on trying to get information on their mother. Uncle Deacon reveals her mother once won a sharpshooter award. Like mother and daughter really — the story is doing well to keep the hints at bay; we have no idea what her mother has done at this stage.

The school project

Sterling and April get on with their school project — Sterling is clearly feeling a little overwhelmed by her infatuation. April tells Sterling she never got what she saw in Luke. The pair talk about books and begin bonding. April raises how her father used to read books.

He’s barely hanging on

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 7 gives plenty of context to Bowser’s past.

Yolanda heads over to Bowser’s place and he gives her an update on the target. Michelle is there and Yolanda asks her why she is here. She tells Michelle that she cannot use Bowser again and that he’s still hung up on her and barely hanging on. Bowser overhears what Yolanda said and he’s offended. Yolanda tells Bowser she’s not going to pick up the pieces again. There’s plenty of history in this room and the scene makes you feel it in “Cleave or Whatever”

Don’t get back with Michelle

Blair starts seeing holes in her father’s story about her mother. Anderson gets frustrated and tells her to be quiet — he is flustered. Blair updates Sterling and then joins Bowser for their next bounty. Bowser is frustrated and the twin sisters are disappointed that he’s considering getting back with Michelle. Sterling asks if someone can catch feelings for a friend (clearly referring to April).

Capturing Gary

Bowser, Sterling, and Blair find Gary Durbin in a motel room with two naked women and they end up chasing after him. Sterling shoots some lights so Gary stands on glass and falls over. Sterling asks one of the women who was in the motel room about what she should do about April — she tells Sterling to take it slow and give it a go and see what happens. It was laidback advice for Sterling but these sisters take everything literally.

The Bible has many interpretations

Back to the school project; Sterling brings up two women in the Bible that were rumored to be a couple. The pair then talk about other interpretations in the Bible. April thinks it is strange that Sterling is bringing up this subject.

We are best friends

Bowser tells Yolanda that he has changed. Yolanda apologizes and says she shouldn’t have got involved; she iterates that he is her best friend and she doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Opening up

Debbie and Anderson talk to their twin sisters about parts of their mother’s life. Debbie states she’s had a difficult time talking about her mother and father who have apparently died; she said before her parents went to the airport, they had a big fight and she said some awful things. Afterward, her parents left to fly out to New York and she never saw them again. Debbie gives this guilt-ridden, sympathy story that the twin sisters buy.

Debbie gets out a box to show the twins some photos so they can learn about her. Blair goes to bed and her father chases after her. He tells her that questioning stuff is important and she doesn’t want her to lose that. Maybe that’s not the advice you give if your wife is hiding something…

Afterward, Debbie mouths something to Anderson and he angrily walks off.

Bowser dusts off Michelle

Michelle returns to Bowser’s apartment and she talks about the costs of the album but that she’s found a financier. Bowser is happy that she isn’t using him. He asks her if she’s changed. Michelle says she doesn’t need to change as he was the one that stopped trying — she also claims that Yolanda doesn’t know him as much as she does. Michelle walks out and states he will regret this when he tells her that he is going to go down a different path for once. Bowser is a tentative character and it was relieving to see him genuinely stick up for himself.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 7, “Cleave or Whatever”

At school, Sterling and April get an A+ for their project and they are elated. The teacher Ellen asks them both to lock up and leaves them alone in a room. April brings up her father again and how her family isn’t a good team because of him and starts getting upset — Sterling cannot help herself and kisses April and then follows up with an apology. April walks to the door and locks it and kisses Sterling back. This is a predictable twist but the narrative of enemies to lovers was well sold. Episode 7, “Cleave or Whatever” continues a good run of episodes as the sister’s mother is acting suspicious and Sterling wants to understand her feelings.

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