Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 8 recap – “From Basic to Telenovela”

August 14, 2020
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“From Basic to Telenovela” throws the characters apart as they all have their personal problems to deal with.

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“From Basic to Telenovela” throws the characters apart as they all have their personal problems to deal with.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 8, “From Basic to Telenovela” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 8, “From Basic to Telenovela”

At school, Sterling is daydreaming looking at April. She’s too distracted and Blair snaps her out of it. It’s a Spanish club and Luke stands up and says, “They broke up” — he’s not over Sterling. The teacher writes down ideas for a Telenovela based on the discussions around her.

Let’s talk

After class, Sterling asks April if she wants to talk and asks about her father. They both decide to meet at a “neutral and undetectable” ground. They meet at an arcade; April asks Sterling if she’s told anyone about them — that they are gay. Sterling asks how can you know if you are gay. April explains it all to Sterling — she’s only ever crushed on girls. April tells Sterling that she is her first. Sterling isn’t ready to label herself yet but she states she likes April. This makes April smile. The pair then hook up in laser quest. Afterward, April makes some ground rules; they must be sworn enemies at school and Blair cannot know. You can already tell this is going to end in tears.

A new bounty

Bowser shows the twins a new assignment — Adam Johanneson; he’s guilty of trafficking loads of drugs. The twins then tease Bowser about Yolanda but he insists they are keeping it professional. They need to learn the whereabouts of Adam which requires an investigation.

It’s hard to be enemies

In Spanish class, April and Sterling have to partner up. They talk in Spanish together and April asks Sterling if she’d like to join her in a pool on a hot day and they end up giggling. Blair thinks they are enemies still and sticks up for her sister. It’s getting awkward already.

Bounty hunting and dating

Blair and Bowser do a stakeout; Blair is getting impatient as she’s got plans with Miles and she has asked Sterling to join the mission so she can enjoy her night with her boyfriend. They enter the building and it’s a music studio; they ask the receptionist for the name of the person in the VIP studio. Blair sneaks away from the studio and goes on her date with Miles — the character is multitasking. She’s trying to rush the date on and then heads back to the bounty hunting. She also rings Sterling and asks her to hurry up. While at the studio, Blair believes a woman is flirting with Bowser.

I’m done hiding

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 8 shows the painful scenario where two lovers need to discuss how they can have a future. It’s evident that Sterling wants to be official with April.

Sterling and April find a way to sneak into a room with each other at school. They talk about how all the lying comes with benefits. Sterling wants them to be “Together, together” and not private. April says she isn’t that brave but Sterling says she is done hiding parts of herself. April gets upset suddenly and walks away.

Meanwhile, Blair returns to her date, and Miles wonders where she went. Miles sees texts from her boss and he tells her to go and do what she needs to do.

Debate it with me

As Sterling heads out to help Blair, April grabs her and says, “Convince me that we can do this”. She wants to debate it. After Sterling lists her points and counter argues, April kisses her. These two are falling for each other quickly.

It’s all over for Miles and Blair

Blair returns to Bowser and the girl who fancies him asks Blair to test out a studio — she’s pretended to be a music artist. She starts singing and a few musicians start playing their instruments and she gets into it.

Afterward, Blair returns to Miles; he asks her why she’s playing him. She tries explaining that she is caught up with something. Miles wants Blair to be straight with him and accuses her of liking drama. She can’t tell him and he wonders if she’s in “some kind of trouble”. Mile states he likes her but they are operating on different frequencies. He kisses her on the forehead and breaks up with her. She’s left standing there, devastated. This was a painful scene to watch because Blair absolutely adores Miles — it makes the scene worse.

April and Sterling continue to hook up. Blair rings Sterling but she doesn’t answer. Her sister wasn’t there for her. It’s about to explode between them.

Marital problems

Debbie and Anderson have a drink with Luke’s parents. They talk about Sterling and Luke. It’s evident that both couples are having marriage difficulties. Debbie and Anderson start having an intense argument that ends dinner early. When their guests leave, Debbie says they need to protect their family at all costs. The pair make up but Anderson states that it’s “always the last time”. Debbie promises that it will be and then they can live their lives free. The Netflix series is still keeping the twist at bay in the later phases of the series.

Yolanda and Bowser argue

Bowser updates Yolanda and states he’s got a nice juicy lead on Adam after talking to that woman from the studio. He suggests going out to celebrate but then Terrance Coin shows up behind her. Bowser doesn’t buy Yolanda’s excuse and walks off. Yolanda runs after him and Bowser tells her that she only needs Terrance for work and asks her to take him out of the rotation. Yolanda tells him that he cannot be mad at her for not having a life that doesn’t cater to him.

Bowser declares that “He’s out”. Everyone is falling apart in “From Basic to Telenovela”; well, except for Sterling and April.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 8, “From Basic to Telenovela”

Blair cries at home with her mother Debbie. She tells her mother she couldn’t give Miles enough time and attention. Blair asks Debbie if her marriage is okay with her father. When her mother leaves the room, Blair texts her sister saying “F**k you”.

Blair then looks at a photo of her mother in front of a place called Hobo’s Ham. At the back of the photo, it says “Savannah, GA 1996. Blair googles Hobo’s Ham and the address is Nandina, GA. Downstairs, Debbie and Anderson are looking at long term rental homes in Mexico. Episode 8, “From Basic to Telenovela” throws the characters apart as they all have their personal problems to deal with.

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