The Great Heist season 1, episode 3 recap – “Punch”

August 14, 2020
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“Punch” is fraught with complications and tensions as the heist gets properly underway, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel for these fractious thieves.

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“Punch” is fraught with complications and tensions as the heist gets properly underway, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel for these fractious thieves.

This recap of The Great Heist season 1, episode 3, “Punch”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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With the alarms blaring, and two minutes on the clock, Chayo and the team are under pressure in the opening of The Great Heist episode 3. Yidi leads Maguiver to a hidden wall panel which, with thirty, twenty, fifteen, ten seconds remaining, he uses to cut the alarm before it reaches the police station. Another palm-sweating moment, and a great way to kick “Punch” off.

It’s time for the heist to begin in earnest. With some upbeat musical accompaniment, the team assembles in front of the vault, which makes for an imposing obstacle. Tools are assembled. Roles are assumed. Sardino looks appropriately creepy. Estiven looks worryingly bored.

Then, more problems, obviously. A short-circuit forces Maguiver to perform a bypass which kills the oxygen in the vault, lending another ticking clock device to proceedings as Molina, elsewhere, doubles over in pain. That’s what happens when you don’t attend your hospital appointments! The Dragon gets to work with the imported thermal lance, with which he determines that the vault isn’t pure steel, but a different alloy that’ll take longer to bypass. That, coupled with the dwindling oxygen supply, isn’t good news — and Chayo keeps it to himself.

With slow progress being made, the Dragon informs Chayo that he was misinformed about the vault, but he keeps a rebellious Estiven in line. Meanwhile, Monroy, panicking over the delay, informs Molina that he — and the entire city — can see smoke pouring out of the roof. This only sets Estiven off even more, but the pressing matter at hand is cooling the vault down, which requires as many fire extinguishers as possible. With some diligent spraying, the team is able to curb the smoke, but that doesn’t help them with bypassing the vault door, especially since all the fire extinguishers have now been used up. Chayo suggests waiting until dark.

Away from the vault, Chayo has a fun chat with the Dragon about his origins as a petty thief, his first score, and how he’ll leave this bank either overloaded with cash or feet first. The Dragon’s on the same page, and we get a good sense of their relationship here. But there’s little time for character-building in The Great Heist episode 3 since another problem emerges: more security staff are arriving at the bank. They have to be let in since it’s suspicious if they’re not, but they’re immediately held at gunpoint. A scuffle ensues, but they’re able to be subdued and bound up with Aguilar.

With everything going wrong, Chayo’s stubbornness gets to Molina, who says he’s out. Sardino is creepily in support, but it’s hard to imagine he’ll take on Chayo’s advice of never leaving someone behind.

While the rest of the team waits for the cover of darkness, Yidi and Estiven try and pilfer 200 million pesos in coins from upstairs, which divides the group since it’s an easier score. Chayo wants to keep working on the vault, but some of the team has other ideas. So, too, does Sardino, who reveals his gun is loaded by firing it as a threat. With that, he quells the mutiny and forces the team back to work — this guy is obviously dangerously desperate for his father’s approval.

Monroy, panicking further, goes to see Molina, who was last seen violently vomiting into a toilet. Monroy is starting to like the idea of being the lieutenant who foils the greatest heist, rather than participates in it, and goes to a bar to wait.

Thanks to their renewed efforts, the team is able to breach the vault. Through the hole they’ve cut, they spy piles and piles of moolah there for the taking. Crawling through and opening the vault door from inside, the team laughingly realizes there’s upwards of 15 billion pesos there. Chayo tells Molina, who laughs and cries on his bed upon hearing the news. Now, it’s time to get it all out. Molina needs Monroy’s go-ahead, but of course, he isn’t available — he’s partying the night away instead.

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