The Great Heist season 1, episode 4 recap – “Escape From Valledupar”

August 14, 2020
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“Escape From Valledupar” proves that stealing the loot is only one part of the process, as Chayo and crew try and figure out how to move several tons of currency during a manhunt.

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“Escape From Valledupar” proves that stealing the loot is only one part of the process, as Chayo and crew try and figure out how to move several tons of currency during a manhunt.

This recap of The Great Heist season 1, episode 4, “Escape From Valledupar”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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The Great Heist episode 4 opens with the team loading the money into the trucks and performing some last-minute track-covering, but Molina is still trying to get in touch with Monroy, whose approval is needed for the getaway. He tells Chayo they’ll have to wait. It would have been an agonizing delay at the best of times, but when Molina tracks Monroy to the bar he finds his walkie talkie abandoned and has to break off to spew his guts up in the bathroom. There, though, he finds Monroy, steaming, and passed out. He gives him a swirly to bring him round, which is certainly one way of doing it.

With the green light, Chayo and the team make off with the moolah. “Escape From Valledupar” treats us to another moment of suspense as Monroy and his men round on the truck, but it turns out it’s just to give it a push after it breaks down. Molina — once again tearfully, though it’s tough to tell if that’s due to his emotions or his condition — watches them go, and leaves himself in a taxi since he isn’t physically strong enough to drive his own car.

Back at the bank, meanwhile, the staff have been left bound up to explosives.

At their hideout, the team all eat and drink beer and discuss what they’ll do with their share of the money — Goliath has surprisingly touching plans for his, which virtually guarantees he’ll end up dead. Maybe his mother will receive his share after his passing, which would be a pretty perfectly on-brand thing to happen.

Marcos Zabala, the bank manager, is brought before District Attorney Jean Carlo Paredes, who thinks the situation in the bank is an attempted robbery — he’s half right, at least, One of the employees remains strapped to a bomb as we cut inside and see the tell-tale spacesuit-looking rig of the bomb squad, who’re able to disarm the device. Sort of, anyway. There seems to be a secondary trigger, which is set off by the release of the dead man’s switches, but after the bomb squad guy scarpers and leaves the victim to it, it turns out to just be a dummy.

Monroy, still seemingly high as a kite, tries to convince Paredes that the robbery was perpetrated by a front of the ENL, but he doesn’t fall for it, meaning he’s much more of a threat to the group than they were anticipating. While this is going on, we get a slick little scene showing Chayo smuggle the dough through a checkpoint in a fuel tanker, into the forest, and back to Mrs. K. They offload the money and count it, which even gets a laugh out of Mrs. K.

As it turns out, there are some logistical challenges involved in storing and moving such a bonkers sum of money, and a lot of The Great Heist episode 4 is devoted to them. But there are other problems, too; once Chayo gets Molina out of the hospital, they both spot the police rushing into the forest, and while they find a shack mostly empty, there’s a box of the stolen currency left behind. Just one, though, which hardly seems worth reporting to the hard-up coppers. You can always rely on greed, and it saves the team here.

While moving the money again in the fuel truck, and during a torrential downpour, Chayo gets into it with Mrs. K, calling her a dyke and pushing her into the mud, which hardly seems like a good idea. We also get a brief sense of Estiven’s home life, and see that all his bluster about sleeping with women is all an act — he’s gay.

Chayo delivers Ulises and Yidi their cut, though he lets them know that their horrendous information doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t want to see either of them again, and if they attempt a double-cross he’ll come after them, although he’s hardly convincing in the tough-guy role — Ulises seems faintly amused, even. Chayo and Molina get super turned up in a bar; dancing, drinking, smoking, and fighting until they’re eventually passed out in a heap on the floor. As they lay there, The Great Heist season 1, episode 4, “Escape From Valledupar”, ends with the police standing over them.

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