Who is April in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?

August 14, 2020
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This article “Who is April in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?” contains minor spoilers at the start. Major spoilers are signposted further down in the article. 

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April is ever-present in the first season and she’s very integral to the story despite being presented as an outsider. The Netflix series brings some important themes to the comedy and this character is significant for some of the tropes but who is April in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?

The school

April is Sterling’s arch-enemy at school. She’s very entwined in her Christian beliefs and she fights with Sterling for the leadership of The Fellowship. The enemy storyline between them both becomes important later in the series but it always feels like it’s steeped in jealousy and a misunderstanding between them both. In the earlier series, April suspects that Sterling has lost her virginity and threatens to oust her.

April’s father – warning major spoiler

It’s revealed very early in season 1 that the father of April is one of the fugitives that Bowser and the twin sisters are after. This causes an awkward start to the story as the sisters capture the father and they make sure that he feels the full force of justice. This may become an important plot point in a second season (if there is one).

Feelings – warning major spoiler

With Sterling and April arch-enemies, the story finally reveals why they hate each other so much — they are attracted to each other. Later in season 1, Sterling finally gives in to her urges and lunges at her enemy with a kiss. It’s revealed that April is gay and that she’s known for a while.

She doesn’t want to “come out” which causes hurt and upset for both characters. They are both crippled by their feelings for each other due to their religious constructs and fear of their parents. Again, this is a story that will be developed in season 2 but it raises a common issue in the LGBTQ+ community where people have a fear of being ousted due to their sexuality.

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