Who is Dana in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1? [Major Spoiler]

August 14, 2020
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This article “Who is Dana in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?” contains major spoilers that link to the ending. Read ahead with caution. 

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In season 1, all eyes are on the mother Debbie — even Blair is extremely suspicious of her. But what we didn’t expect is a twist of all twists to bring a satisfying conclusion to the Netflix series — so who is Dana in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?

A twin sister

We learn at the end of season 1 that Dana is the identical twin sister of Debbie; a twist that is easy to spot but one that we could not see coming that easily. We all believe that Debbie has the criminal past in Teenage Bounty Hunters but lo and behold, it was really her sister that committed all the crimes that have planted their face in most wanted photos.

What’s the crime?

When they were younger, Dana committed a first-degree arson attack on an abortion clinic in Nandina. She was heavily influenced by a religious group. Debbie tells her daughter that she was the one that did the crime as they are unaware of her twin sister.

Why isn’t Dana arrested?

Because she’s been keeping a low profile for 16 years and Debbie and her husband have been feeding her money so she can live.

So what’s the problem then?

Well, it appears that Dana is a very volatile individual and she’s got caught up with a man named Levi; she keeps blackmailing Debbie for more money. This is why Debbie is fretting in season 1 as her secret is nearly out and Dana is putting her family in danger.

The kidnap

Dana ends up kidnapping Sterling which causes the whole family and Bowser to go on a hunt to find them. Levi wants to use Sterling to get more money from the family.

What’s the real secret?

And here is the slammer! In the season 1 ending, Dana reveals to everyone that Sterling is indeed her daughter. She doesn’t say Blair is, which indicates that Sterling and Blair are cousins, not sisters. This was a shocking ending and gives plenty of juice for the second season!

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