Who is Miles in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?

August 14, 2020
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This article “Who is Miles in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?” contains minor spoilers at the start. Major spoilers are signposted further down in the article. 

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At the start of Teenage Bounty Hunters Miles helps out Blair with a mission she’s on and it almost looks like he is a non-character at first. However, things change very quickly — so who is Miles in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1?

How do we meet Miles?

At a posh event at the start of season 1, Blair and Sterling need information on where April’s father is. Blair bats her lashes and flirts with Miles who is a valet at the venue. Blair sees Miles as this nerdy kid doing a working-class job — she shows her snobbery very early in the story. He gives Blair the information on the offer of a date and takes it seriously.

Why doesn’t Blair take him seriously?

Well, at this point she does have a boyfriend named Jennings who she’s trying to force herself to love so she can lose her virginity. Also, it’s that theme of when you see someone in their work clothes you believe they are less hot than they actually are. Blair sees Miles in his valet clothes and does not see the real him as he isn’t being who he really is.

The date – warning – major spoilers ahead

But Miles proves his worth and becomes an important character. Blair takes him out on a shoddy day to live up to her promise and when he turns up, she’s surprised that he is, in fact, hot. She becomes flustered and tries to turn the date into a positive event.

The characters soon gain feelings for each other and Blair, who was determined to lose who virginity to a caring person, has sex with Miles.

Blair falls in love with Miles quickly but she does struggle with the fact that she’s sold herself as a down-to-earth person despite living in a wealthy Republican family. It turns out Miles also lives with a wealthy family, which surprises her.

Later in season 1, Blair upsets Miles for trying to juggle her date and a job because her sister let her down and they break up. She eventually goes to his house uninvited and confesses her love for him but then she’s surprised that his democratic family knows nothing about her — his mother is a democratic politician leading in a campaign. They remain broken up but this will likely continue in season 2.

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