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“Chapter 03: Fire” certainly lives up to its title, as homes and, for some, the possibility of salvation, go down in flames.

This recap of 3% season 4, episode 3, “Chapter 03: Shock”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Coming on the back of Gloria’s reveal as a traitor, “Chapter 03: Fire”, opens with a flashback to her and Marco discussing the Offshore, the latter determining that the Shell is their Offshore now before cutting back to the present and finding Gloria in her cell, admitting the Offshore will be destroyed unless she can stop that from happening, which requires Marcela giving up two positions in the Process, and includes a visit with her child as a bribe. Marcela agrees to the terms, and Gloria spills the tea on the electromagnetic pulse.

Obviously not knowing that their plan has been compromised, the rebels continue on, with Xavier sneaking into the Process air ducts and pulling out cables to grant egress to a patiently waiting Michele. After a short reunion they split up, with Michele getting to work on planting the turbine; she’s able to but ends up trapped when Gloria reports to Andre that she’s there, turning the fans back on.

The cracks of division continue to widen at the Offshore as Marco begins to lean more towards Veronica’s plan, but Veronica is arrested. Rafael drinks with Ariel – one of Andre’s spies – and a flashback treats us to snippets of his childhood, his abuse of alcohol, and his entry in the Process. It’s a story Ariel seems to like quite a bit. She’s less keen when, later, Rafael tries to steal the ring from her hand, but she eventually encourages him to take it and leave.

“Chapter 03: Fire” also sees Michele getting captured by Pedro and Xavier, virtually immediately after Andre riles up the Process candidates to do so.

Rafael, along with Joana and the rest of the group, finds their way into the Offshore Prison, where Joana immediately breaks out Veronica. Natalia and Elisa get into the security room to shut down the barriers, but the guards are onto them and open fire… or do they? Nope, it’s actually Rafael and the others. After all that effort it’s a particularly bitter pill for Joana to swallow when she learns that Veronica isn’t her mother after all.

In all this confusion, Gloria breaks Marcela out and sets about her next task, which will be destroying the Shell. This, because she’s pregnant, which is as good a motivator as any. She blows up the food supplies and screams fire, awakening everyone inside.

As the Shell burns to the ground and its residents hopelessly look on, Michele is captured and brought before Andre, while Marcela arrives at the Process, and Gloria is told she can’t leave until her child is born.

3% season 4, episode 3 ends with this tragic reversal of fortune, Gloria having been undone and manipulated by her own ambition. There’s plenty to play for in the remainder of this season.

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