3% season 4, episode 6 recap – “Chapter 06: Buttons” danger danger, high voltage



A shocking ending to “Chapter 06: Buttons” tees up an extra-long finale as 3% promises to bow out with some drama in its last-ever episode.

This recap of 3% season 4, episode 6, “Chapter 06: Buttons”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We’ve reached the penultimate episode, folks, and “Chapter 06: Buttons” opens with Michele trying to break free from her cell. We quickly nip into her past, where she and Andre play as youngsters until Andre stumbles on the bodies of their parents, which he lies to her about, to protect her. Andre in the present-day is under a great deal of pressure, as the influx of refugees from the Offshore arrives.

Marcela is among them. And she has some very justified grievances with Andre, who wants to declare a state of emergency. The tension between them erupts, and the situation ends with Marcela being arrested – out of the frying pan and into the fire, as it were.

But this is far from Andre’s only difficulty in “Chapter 06: Buttons” since news of the Offshore’s destruction is spreading and the Process is getting out of control. It’s a pressure cooker of a situation and it quickly begins to unravel; too many competing groups are in close proximity, and rioting starts in earnest. With the architects of all this chaos only in the submarine, Andre orders them to be brought to him.

3% season 4, episode 6 takes a grim turn here, as Michele, who is also brought from her jail cell, is forced to watch on as the group is tortured with the electrical machine, with a crueler twist being that it’s the Process candidates, including Xavier, who’re to press the buttons (now we see where the episode gets its title.) Eventually, the group is injected with trackers and welcomed to the 3%, such as any kind of thing could be said to exist anymore.

Xavier frees them, and when Pedro tries to confront him, Michele knocks him out. All of this, it turns out, was a scheme to stop Andre, and Ariel had helped by sabotaging the machine to deliver less voltage. Everyone escapes the Process through the vents, with the exception of Michele, who stays behind to confront Andre. As it happens, she knew about the deaths of her parents all along, though his attempts to protect her have since then been anything but. She shoots him and lets him bleed out, taking control of the radio broadcasts to tell everyone that the Offshore is gone. It’s time to live their lives and be free.

When she’s finished, Michele smashes up the console and turns around… to find Andre behind her. He stabs her. And as “Chapter 06: Buttons” ends, she dies.

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