3% season 4, episode 7 recap – “Chapter 07: Sun”

August 15, 2020
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“Chapter 07: Sun” marks the last ever episode of 3% with a bumper 75-minute outing for that makes for a satisfying if divisive conclusion.

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“Chapter 07: Sun” marks the last ever episode of 3% with a bumper 75-minute outing for that makes for a satisfying if divisive conclusion.

This recap of 3% season 4, episode 7, “Chapter 07: Buttons”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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This is it, folks, the final ever episode of 3%, which isn’t doing things by halves since it clocks in at a meaty 75 minutes. With the Offshore and the Shell both demolished, everyone gathers on the Inland for “Chapter 07: Sun”.

In the wake of what happened to the Shell and the arrival of the Offshore residents, it’s chaos everywhere, with Molotovs being tossed around and promises being made that can’t possibly be kept. In all this, we head back in time once again to learn something of the Founder’s daughter, Tania.

From the past to a couple of weeks in the future, with Andre and the 3% now in charge, and the survivors grieving over Michele’s death, her body now having been burned. Division is worse than ever between the four main factions of the Inland, the Offshore, the militia, and the church, but echoes from the past might hold the key to the future in the form of Tania; the group are told by an old man that she hid one of her mother’s mementoes underground.

Of course, “Chapter 07: Sun” provides some flashback context for this, which is intimately tied to the idea of the Founding Couple as “an idea”, something greater than the individual. Back in the present, we begin to work towards a final confrontation, as Joana and Natalia try and organize a large meeting while Xavier rounds up recruits to try and kill Andre. Everyone’s on a collision course.

But it’s what we’ve seen of the past that comes to matter, as Joana and Natalia dig up the orb artifact that everyone keeps nattering about, which comes with outlines of tests and pictures for the Process. Joana presents this, courtesy of the Founding Couple, to all the rival factions, proposing that six candidates determine the fate of the world in a final test. Veronica, Xavier, Joana, Marcela, Rafael, and Andre will do. This feels suitably show-ending to me, and with Andre whispering something to Pedro and handing him a gun, suitably ominous.

The test is a semiotics game that quickly whittles down the candidates until only Andre and Joana remain. The latter instructs that if she wins, everyone should destroy their weapons and meet in the Process building for a fair hearing. And she does win, but of course, Pedro has been positioned for this contingency and is able to shoot the orb before her victory becomes common knowledge. Division is rife once again, with Andre organizing his troops, Veronica and Elise unsure of what the right thing to do is, and everyone contemplating whether Joana won or not.

In the end, a brave new world of democracy emerges quite naturalistically, with the four factions coming together and deciding to have their voices heard the right way. Naturally, Andre is so put off with the idea of this that he sinks the submarine while he’s inside it, seeing Michele as he slowly asphyxiates. Diplomacy wins the day. It’s about time it did, really.

You could quibble with this ending, and people certainly shall. There are clearly some things left unaddressed that could and should have been dealt with. But 3% season 4, episode 7 evidently elected to make a point with its ending, and while the idea of everyone peaceably coming together – especially in this climate – seems farfetched, it at least provides a reasonably satisfying ending. I like to imagine it all worked out.

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