Was It Love? episode 13 recap and breakdown – Ha-nee sets the rules

August 20, 2020
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Episode 13 proves this series is strengthening as it nears the end as it closes with dramatic circumstances.

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Episode 13 proves this series is strengthening as it nears the end as it closes with dramatic circumstances.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Ha-nee learns about taking DNA features from both parents and spends time learning about what she has in common with her mother; eyelids, dimples and hair. She then writes down the traits she doesn’t have from her mother and wants to know what she gets from her father. We are then back to the scene Dae-o reveals himself to be the father. Everything then makes sense to Dae-o at this moment.

So many chances

Ha-nee believes Dae-o was acting as her father to get her out of a bad situation at school and walks off. Ae-jeong tells her that she will explain everything and Ha-nee realises that it’s true; she’s angry that her mother never told her. Dae-o says it was all his fault but Ha-nee is not ready to talk about it calmly and is not in the mood to talk to anyone. Episode 13 is a nightmare for Ae-jeong, with years of secrets spilling out in front of her daughter.

This is my mess to fix

Dae-o apologises to Ae-jeong for dropping the truth. She’s upset that he was so careless with it. Dae-o felt it was difficult to stand there and let it all happen. Ae-jeong talks about how she dreamed of Dae-o swooping in and saving the day but she never rang and erased him from her memory; she insists this is her mess to fix.

The mother shortlist

Koo Pa-do finds out Dong-chan has a shortlist for who his mother is and he is alarmed. Dong-chan knows Ae-jeong is possibly not his mother now and wants the truth from his father. As this episode suggests, Koo Pa-do’s secrets are slowly spilling out too.

The origin of your mother and father

Ryu Jin takes Ha-nee to the University he and his mother went to and gives her a tour, describing what her mother was like and how she met Dae-o. Ha-nee starts imagining seeing a younger Ae-jeong and Dae-o together filming scenes and celebrating with their crew. Ryu Jin is trying to demonstrate how her parents genuinely loved each other. He also states that her father never gave up or abandoned her and he still has feelings for her mother today. This was a sure sign of character growth from Ryu Jin who has spent many moments acting childishly — this feels like a new chapter in episode 13.


At home, Ae-jeong is fretting because Ha-nee’s phone is off and she isn’t coming home. Yeon-woo offers to help and reassures her that Ha-nee is a sweet kid. Ryu Jin then texts and tells her that Ha-nee is with him and he’ll bring her home soon. Ha-nee returns home and Ae-jeong thanks Ryu Jin and apologises for what’s happened with the article and everything else.

I’ll be your guardian

Ae-jeong sits Ha-nee down and offers to tell her everything. She states she never regretted having her and she’s the best thing she has ever created. Ha-nee asks Ae-jeong if she still has feelings for Dae-o and wonders why he left if he truly loved her. She then states she likes the way things are now and that she’ll be her mother’s guardian. This feels like a defence mechanism from Ha-nee to avoid the situation — by protecting her mother, she’s safeguarding their current scenario so it does not change.

What do they want

Koo Pa-do heads to a Chinese restaurant with his men and scopes out the place. He gets a phone call from an unknown man that is quite threatening and a car outside drives off. One of his men asks what “they” want and he claims to have no idea. The next day, Dae-o reveals to Ae-jeong that he’s got new sneakers for Ha-nee’s sport event at school and has also arranged a food truck. Ae-jeong panics and rushes to Dae-o to try to stop it.

You are obsessed

A-rin confronts Ryu Jin and asks if Dae-o is Ha-nee’s daughter. Ryu Jin is wondering how A-rin knows his real name; he then realises that the rumour that her age and name is fake and accuses A-rin of being obsessed with Dae-o. Afterwards, Yeon-woo’s mother tells A-rin that she can make Ae-jeong’s life miserable but she has to do it properly. Ae-jeong tells Dae-o she didn’t ask for the sneakers and food truck for Ha-nee. He gives her the new sneakers and tells Ae-jeong that now he knows he is the father, it changes everything for him. This is, of course, understandable and it feels like Ae-jeong is prolonging the inevitable.

The ending

Ha-nee turns up and is confused to see them both — she doesn’t want her father near Ae-jeong and walks off.

Meanwhile, while in the car with his father, Dong-chan accuses his father of being full of too many secrets and questions whether he really is his father. Dong-chan leaves the car angry and sees Ha-nee and Ae-jeong but suddenly, all three of them are kidnapped. Koo Pa-do runs around the corner and sees the vehicle from the night before; he then gets a call about a final warning.

Dae-o sees Koo Pa-do running and asks what’s happening. He shows him the phone that dropped out of the van and asks where Ha-nee and Ae-jeong are. Yeon-woo then shows up and asks the same question. Episode 13 proves this series is strengthening as it nears the end as it closes with dramatic circumstances.

Additional points
  • Yeon-woo’s mother tells Yeon-woo that she wants him to be happy but he doesn’t buy her words and accuses his father of not loving her.

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