Was It Love? episode 14 recap and breakdown – Dae-o and Koo Pa-do try save the day

August 20, 2020
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Episode 14 is very dramatic and turns the story upside down to give the remaining two chapters a chance to end the series strongly.

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Episode 14 is very dramatic and turns the story upside down to give the remaining two chapters a chance to end the series strongly.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Was It Love? episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Flashbacks show Koo Pa-do at a funeral. Dong-chan is there with his mother Tan Zi Yi. Afterwards, she looks restless; she hides Dong-chan in a cupboard. Her husband has died and the brother (Dong-chan’s uncle) is wondering why she’s packing her bags to leave. The uncle shoots Tan Zi Yi point blank in the chest. Koo Pa-do promised Tan Zi Yi to protect Dong-chan. Tan Zi Yi and Koo Pa-do clearly loved each other.

Locked in a room

Back to the present day and Ae-jeong, Dong-chan and Ha-nee are locked in a room. The brother of Tan Zi Yi’s husband enters the room and Dong-chan starts having a panic attack. The man wants something back that Koo Pa-do took.

Give me an hour

Koo Pa-do briefs Dae-o and Yeon-woo and asks them to give him an hour and if they don’t hear from him, ring the police with an address he’ll text. Dae-o follows Koo Pa-do anyway. We of course know where this leads and it changes the story forever. Episode 14 is a pivotal chapter.

I’ll ruin you

In a flashback, A-rin tells Dae-o that in the future she won’t give him any attention and she’ll transform into a beautiful butterfly and ruin him. In the present day, A-rin refuses to do the interview for “Love is Nonexistent” and walks out, claiming that she won’t be doing the movie. Ryu Jin chases after her but can’t get much sense out of A-rin — she’s obviously trying to ruin Ae-jeong and Dae-ol.

Koo Pa-do does what he does best

Back at the locked room and Dong-chan is still hyperventilating and believes they are here because of him. Ae-jeong comforts both children, reassuring them that they will be both again — there’s plenty of stress in this scene. Meanwhile, Koo Pa-do is driving and wondering what the uncle means by what Tan Zi Yi left behind.

Koo Pa-do enters a building and fights loads of men. He gives Dong-chan’s uncle a sim card, believing that’s what they are after. The leader of the gang starts provoking Koo Pa-do which results in more fighting. Ae-jeong is then hurt which makes Koo Pa-do angrier and he continues fighting but then they threaten Dong-chan’s life. Koo Pa-do secretly gives Dong-chan a phone and the men take the kid away.

Was It Love? has escalated rather quickly. Episode 14 is almost a different series.

Dae-o arrives

The men cut a gas pipe so Ae-jeong, Ha-nee, and Koo Pa-do die slowly; there’s a lighter in a microwave nearby ready to cause an explosion. Dae-o does everything he can to break down the door and eventually, he breaks through. They get outside and everyone is relieved. Suddenly, Ha-nee remembers she forgot something and heads back in, and Dae-o chases after her. There is an explosion and Dae-o gets in the way of the blast for Ha-nee.

Koo Pa-do finds Dong-chan near a dock and fights all the men again. He manages to overcome them all and save Dong-chan. Both father and son end up in the hospital.

Ha-nee regrets being me

As for Dae-o, he’s in hospital and in intensive care. Ha-nee sits next to her mother who is laying on a hospital bed. She regrets how she has treated Dae-o; she no longer believes that Dae-o abandoned her after he did everything to save her. Ae-jeong wakes up and they hug instantly — she soon learns that Dae-o is badly hurt. Ae-jeong visits Dae-o on his hospital bed and revisits everything he has said recently in her head about wanting to be there for her and Ha-nee. In drastic circumstances, the character is realizing how much they are meant for each other.


Koo Pa-do thinks he’s talking to Ae-jeong through bedside curtains and apologizes, stating that she resembled someone he vowed to love and protect. But behind the curtain, it is really Aunt Sook-hee who remains mute.

I’m dropping out of the movie

At the hospital, A-rin tells Ae-jeong she’s dropping out of the film because of her and Dae-o. Ae-jeong begs for another month but A-rin states it’s about Ae-jeong and Dae-o, and that’s she’s known him for 14 years — “He was my first love // he never returned the love”. It dawns on Ae-jeong that Dae-o never cheated on her. Afterward, A-rin confirms she is really Ko Hyo-sim, not A-rin, which Ryu Jin suspected all along; she’s frustrated that she feels unlikeable and her love is always one-sided. She wonders why Dae-o doesn’t see her properly. Ryu Jin feels the exact same way about Ae-jeong, so he can sympathize.

The ending

Ae-jeong sits next to Dae-o and listens to a voicemail from him where he’s very worried — he talks about their last anniversary and how he wishes he could go back in time and do it differently; he would have gone to her with a shoulder to cry on and changed the timeline where they raise Ha-nee together.

Ae-jeong tells Dae-o to wake up and do things differently, just like on the voicemail and breaks down in tears. She admits to missing Dae-o greatly — “Get up // wake up”. She sobs and then Dae-o wakes up and asks if what she said is true. She says yes and that she was so worried that he might die. Dae-o is very happy and tells Ae-jeong he truly missed her — “I love you”. He then goes in for the kiss and she accepts it. Episode 14 is very dramatic and turns the story upside down to give the remaining two chapters a chance to end the series strongly.

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