Hoops season 1, episode 1 recap – what happened in the pilot

August 21, 2020
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Episode 1 is bonkers but in a good way.

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Episode 1 is bonkers but in a good way.

This recap of Netflix series Hoops season 1, episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Hoops season 1, episode 1

Coach Ben Hopkins calls the referee a pri*k because his school team is losing badly. He makes an embarrassment of himself and the referees kick him out. He tells his team that he’s let them all down. One of the problems is that they are the shortest team in the league but he loves the game too much. The team asks for access to his p*rn account so he gives them a username and password. We get a sense of what Hoops is going to be like very early.

You got to win

Hopkins goes to meet the headteacher Opal. She tells them that they need to make some changes around here; Hopkins can’t be an a*****e and a losing coach. He needs to get a tall kid named a Matty to play but he doesn’t want to. Hopkins tells Matty if he loses, he gets fired — he offers Matty an iPad but the boy still isn’t interested.

Hopkins then tells Matty that he will get him laid and if he does, he has to play on Saturday. This is illegal, very illegal.

Finding someone to sleep with Matty

Hopkins tells teacher Ron that he’s his assistant coach despite him being in a relationship with his ex-wife. He has this conversation in front of a class. Hopkins then goes to see a sex worker called Connie and tries to negotiate. He’s annoyed at the pricing system and says the numbers don’t add up. He needs $415.

Getting money

Hopkins goes to see his ex-wife Shannon and reminds her that they haven’t divorced yet. He tells her he is desperate and asks for $415. Shannon tells him she’s not giving him any money and she’s not getting back with him.

Bringing Connie to Matty

He then takes money off his players one at a time. It suddenly sinks in that he’s offering sex to an underage kid. He brings the sex worker to Matty’s house and he gives the boy a condom.

The ending of Hoops season 1, episode 1

The police turn up and arrest Hopkins and Connie. Shannon picks him up from prison and he’s apologetic. She calls him a pervert.

Hopkins goes to a suit store and then heads to the school to say goodbye to the team as he believes he’s going to be fired. He isn’t fired because the headmaster says he got Matty to play — Hopkins is elated. Matty tells Hopkins that him trying to get a hooker was the nicest thing anyone as ever done for him.

In the first second of the game, Matty wins the tip and Hopkins calls a ‘time out’ to celebrate it and he ends up getting kicked out. The team still loses but they only lost by 16 points. Matty starts telling the coach about his family history in a broken home and Hopkins cuts him off and calls it boring. Episode 1 is bonkers but in a good way.

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