Hoops season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained An offer.



Episode 10 leaves with an opener for season 2 as Coach has an opportunity that he cannot refuse.

This recap of Netflix series Hoops season 1, episode 10, “The Scout”, the ending explained, contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Coach Hopkins is feeling happy because he had sex with his wife Shannon. He shouts around town telling everyone. During a basketball game, Ron gets angry at the referee and reveals that Shannon has left him. Coach acts likes he’s shocked. Afterwards, Shannon texts Coach asking for dinner.

It’s over

At the dinner, Shannon wants to tell him something. She tells him that sleeping with him was a huge mistake. Afterwards, Opal speaks to Shannon about her two break ups. Opal advises Shannon to burn things that her exes gave her.

The offer

The next day, Coach is feeling depressed because of Shannon. Coach Lamonte from Henderson Prep keeps wanting to talk to him. He wants Matty because he’s seven-foot. Coach tells Matty that he cannot leave but Matty isn’t interested in leaving. Sex worker Connie pretends to be Matty’s mother to push Lamonte away. Connie goes off script and agrees that Matty goes to Henderson Prep.

Coach’s offer

Coach runs after Lamonte and tells him that Connie isn’t Matty’s mother; Lamonte offers Coach an assistant coach position as long as Matty joins. Coach talks to Matty’s mother about the offer. Matty talks to Coach about his mother wanting him to go to Henderson Prep. Coach offers to go with him.

The ending

Coach gives a speech to the school about leaving. He then tries to leave without saying goodbye and his team block the road. Coach tells the team they are his best friends — he then picks up Matty. As they drive, the car’s tyre pops and there isn’t a replacement tyre. Episode 10, “The Scout” leaves with an opener for season 2 as Coach has an opportunity that he cannot refuse.

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