Hoops season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “The Sponsor”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 4 shows yet another rivalry between Coach and his father who continue to not see eye to eye.

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Episode 4 shows yet another rivalry between Coach and his father who continue to not see eye to eye.

This recap of Netflix series Hoops season 1, episode 4, “The Sponsor” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Coach gives his team a pep talk and shows them a technique to use bowling balls. The balls destroy the basketball floor and the hoops. Literally the dumbest thing Coach has suggested so far.

We need a budget

Coach tells Opal that they need more money for the team. He wants a new kit and a weight room. Coach reveals the budget is $39k but Opal laughs saying the current funding $3k.

Coach tells Opal about budget pitfalls that could fund the team. Opal reveals she has sponsor — it’s his father’s restaurant Barry Hopkins Steakhouse. And of course, he is not happy about this.

Father problems

Coach approaches his father and tells him to leave his team alone. Barry said he doesn’t mind helping out Opal. His father manages to sweet-talk him.

When Coach returns to the school, his father’s photo and branding are everywhere, including a statue. Episode 4 shows his worst nightmare coming to life.

Coach is a liar

Meanwhile, Ron, Shannon and Coach’s best friend want to prove that Coach lied about sleeping with a woman named Tina. When spying on her, they see she has a kid that sounds exactly like Coach. The trio goes to restaurant Cooters to speak to Tina who works there. She reveals she has a son and that the father is an a*****e.


During game day, the sponsorship has brought loads of fans to watch. Coach gives a more enthusiastic team talk. At half time they are losing. The father has put a promotion out that if the team wins they all get free steak which amuses Barry.

Coach tries to give the team an inspirational speech but he can’t get over his father. He declares how much he hates him. A few members of the team declare that they hate their father. Coach tells the team they are playing for their a*****e fathers out there. They go out with resentment for their fathers and get within a point. During timeout and with 1 second to go, Coach wants to know who hates their father the most. Matty goes into a rant and has a breakthrough about his father so he’s picked to go win the game.

The ending

An angry Matt returns to the game and dunks. The team wins and Barry owes all the fans steaks. Coach is very smug with his father but Barry is impressed that he won despite losing thousands of dollars for the family.

As the episode ends, Shannon, Ron, and Coach’s best friend bring Coach’s unknown son to the restaurant. Barry is ecstatic about having a grandchild. Coach states he cannot be the father as he didn’t have sex with Tina. So… he lied. Episode 4 shows yet another rivalry between Coach and his father who continue to not see eye to eye.

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