Hoops season 1, episode 5 recap and breakdown

August 21, 2020
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With each episode, it gets more and more ludicrous and the fifth is hilarious in many ways.

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With each episode, it gets more and more ludicrous and the fifth is hilarious in many ways.

This recap of Netflix series Hoops season 1, episode 5, “Matty Gets a Girlfriend” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Coach takes some sleeping pills which reveals he has an alterego called “Pill Ben”. His alternative self texts texts an old flame named Alison in the middle of night and arranges a date. During the date, he reveals it wasn’t him that sent the text, Pill Ben did. The actual Ben freaks out Alison and she wants to leave the date straight away.

No girlfriend rule

At practice, Coach learns that Matty has a girlfriend and he’s fuming because the rule in the team is “No girlfriends”. Coach compares it to Rocky as he was mentally challenged.

Coach visits Matty’s girlfriend’s house and tells the mother that Matty is a monster. The mother states she will deal with the situation.

No women and we are winning

In a game, Matty is winning the game for the team. Coach believes it’s because he’s got rid of Matty’s girlfriend Wendy. At half time, Matty is dumped and he’s distraught and lays on the floor crying. In the second half, Ron points out that Matty played better with a girlfriend. Matty cannot get up off the floor. At the end of the game, Matty states it’s mandatory and everyone needs a girlfriend.

The tape

Coach brings Matty over to Shannon and Opal and he wants their help. He asks Shannon to use the tape as he thinks it will work. Meanwhile, the basketball team wants girlfriends so make their own “Bang Bus” based on p*rn. They name it “Boyfriend bus”. They manage to pick up a couple of girls.

Shannon plays the tape; it shows Coach doing a romantic music video for Shannon when they were younger. The tape then turns into a sex video between Coach and Shannon so she kicks them all out.

The team is arrested

Ben tries to use Pill Ben to save Matty’s relationship but it leads to Matty getting arrested. Pill Ben went to Wendy’s house and used lipstick to write “Luv u Matty’s Girlfriend I’m Matty!” on the living room wall and then peed on the carpet. The cops think Matty did it.

The ending

The team has also been arrested for the bus. Ben tells Matty that Pill Ben did it, not him. But the good news is Wendy has forgiven Matty after he made a music video for him. With each episode, it gets more and more ludicrous and the fifth was hilarious in many ways.

 Additional points
  • Opal is sad because her partner has broken up with her so asks Shannon for company.

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