Trinkets season 2, episode 1 recap – what happened in “Supernova”?

August 25, 2020
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“Supernova” is a good opener for the teen series, highlighting why the story needed to return.

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“Supernova” is a good opener for the teen series, highlighting why the story needed to return.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 1, “Supernova” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The first scene starts with “Two days later”. Elodie joins Sabine at a gig; they kiss before the singer gets on to the stage — there’s a feeling of bliss and romance following on from Season 1. A montage of scenes follows regarding their trip — Elodie is still stealing from stores.

Keeping it quiet

Tabitha and Moe are taking questions from the police and they claim to not know where Elodie is. Her father is fretting but the two women are worried that Brady Finch is talking to the police. They agree to “just act normal”. It’s still not simple at the moment for these teens and Episode 1, “Supernova” gets that point across well.

Keep it cool with the bandmates

Back to Elodie and Sabine — Elodie is playing the ukelele and Sabine wants to know what song she is writing; Elodie is annoying some of the band members as she keeps stealing their instruments. Sabine tells her to keep it cool with the bandmates.


At a party, Noah puts his arm around Moe — they are making it a public relationship — a big step. As for Tabitha, she’s enjoying time in bed with Luca. So Episode 1 establishes that relationships are still ongoing.


After a gig, Elodie gets jealous as Sabine is flirting with a fan when she gives free merchandise away. When Elodie tries saying something, Sabine relays a message she has received about calling her father. Backstage, Sabine tells Elodie to play the song she learned in front of loads of people — there’s tension but it seems Elodie is starting to realise that following a narcissistic singer is going to cause her pain. In front of Elodie, Sabine starts kissing someone else and it hits her like a brick.

She rings home and asks for her father — she demands that she will only go home if there’s no rehabilitation. Her father agrees to anything just to get her home.

The ending

Moe hears at that party that “Brady sunk his own car” and frets. She immediately texts Tabitha and she’s panicking. Moe wonders if it’s a good thing for them but the question is why is Brady telling people that? Suddenly, Noah comes outside looking for Moe as he was left in the bedroom in his underwear. You can tell he was fuming.

Elodie grabs the keys to the van off Sabine and storms off. Sabine chases after her and claims the girl she was kissing is just a friend — “You knew what I was about”. Elodie states she is going and asks Sabine if she even wants her here and concludes she knows where she belongs. As she walks off, there is some slight regret on Sabine’s face but it seems unlikely that this will resurface again. As Elodie gets on a coach home, she gets out the ukelele she stole. Episode 1, “Supernova” is a good opener for the teen series, highlighting why the story needed to return.

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