Trinkets season 2, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Works in Progress”?

August 25, 2020
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Episode 5 has plenty of drama but at the root of it, there’s this sense of compassion and kindness with an element of self-love.

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Episode 5 has plenty of drama but at the root of it, there’s this sense of compassion and kindness with an element of self-love.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 5, “Works in Progress” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

In a shop, Tabitha browses and the store owner keeps scoping her out and following her, telling her what items are expensive. The store owner asks Tabitha to empty her pockets. Tabitha’s mother heads over and accuses the store of being racist. When they leave, her mother says racial profiling has happened to her loads of times — she was hoping things would be different for Tabitha.

Trouble is brewing with Noah and worries over Brady

Moe tries to speak to Noah about their argument at the party. He wishes that they can be a real couple. He claims they can’t hang out as he needs to get ready to be scouted for football. Tabitha is scared that Brady will hurt Kayla as he hurt her. Moe says it’s her call to do something about it. Tabith is doing the noble and brave thing here; putting her issues aside with Kayla to try help her.

First date

Elodie speaks to Jillian and asks if she’d like to have a date. They arrange to meet at lunch in the music room. On their date they kiss and then Jillian suddenly has to go and leaves. As usual, for Elodie, this is going to be complicated. Episode 5, “Works in Progress” brings a new challenge for the character and it’s how she reacts that will signify growth.

Posters and hair

Tabitha and Moe make a poster for Noah to make him feel important at the football. Moe reckons they were better when they were hooking up in secret — Tabitha calls her a commitment-phobe. Afterward, Tabitha heads to a salon for an appointment with Keish — she’s tired of being restrained and wants to celebrate her heritage in whatever way she wants — she goes for stylish plaits.

I don’t want to be a secret

Elodie approaches Jillian about her running out on their date. She assumes she misread the situation. Jillian tells Elodie she’s not “out” yet and she isn’t even sure if she’s gay. Elodie makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be someone’s secret and walks out — evidently, her experiences with Sabine has extremely impacted her as she’s treating Jillian exactly the same.

Flat tire

While riding home, Moe sees Chase (from robotics competition) on the side of the road with a flat tire. As she helps with the tire, it’s obvious that they have a lot in common. Back in school, Tabitha shows off her new braids. At the football, Moe remembers she forgot her poster for Noah. She finds it under a car wheel and struggles to get it out. Moe is having a lot of bad luck with Noah — the story is thematically tearing this relationship apart.

Let’s work together

Elodie meets Jillian again and she states she never had to come out as she always knew she was gay but she is still figuring things out and offers for them both to progress together — “Works in progress”. This was a sign of maturity from Elodie who is not just learning from her experiences but she’s attempting to understand someone else.

At the football game, Tabitha speaks to Kayla about Brady and lets her know that she’s there if she ever wants to talk about him — Kayla quickly dismisses the offer but Tabitha is cool and calm about it. Moe returns to the game with her poster and distracts Noah while he was taking a penalty kick; he misses and his team loses the game. Moe apologizes stating she was trying to show up for him. Noah says he’s done and walks off; from here, we assume they have broken up.

The ending

Moe goes to the robotics room and tells Chase she wants to get on with some “robot sh*t” as she is sure Noah has broken up with her. She tells Chase that she’s bad at being “Basic”. Chase tells Moe that she’s cooler than everyone at that football game and calls her incredible. Moe asks Chase why he’s being so nice. Chase claims he’s being honest, not nice, and they kiss. She pushes Chase off him and says “Woah. What was that?”. Outside the classroom, Kayla is messaging Brady a photo of Moe and Chase kissing. Trouble is brewing.

Trinkets season 2, episode 5 has plenty of drama but at the root of it, there’s this sense of compassion and kindness with an element of self-love.

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