Trinkets season 2, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Ocean’s 11th Grade”?

August 25, 2020
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Episode 6, “Ocean’s 11th Grade” is a little convoluted but we learn a lot about Elodie’s mindset which the audience will appreciate.

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Episode 6, “Ocean’s 11th Grade” is a little convoluted but we learn a lot about Elodie’s mindset which the audience will appreciate.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 6, “Ocean’s 11th Grade” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Well, Elodie and Jillian are really hitting it off, hooking up in the school bathroom. Suddenly Rachelle and another student walk into the bathroom and they have to keep quiet — they can’t help but giggle. Anyway, as for Moe, she manages to speak to Noah — her boyfriend apologizes for shouting at her. She apologizes back, confirming that they haven’t broken up. The problem is, Chase and her kissed so she’s fretting with her conscience. Trinkets season 2, episode 6, “Ocean’s 11th Grade”, sees Moe’s world spinning way too fast and she needs to find a way out.

Brady’s blackmail

And the person she doesn’t want spinning it is definitely not Brady…

Brady approaches Moe in the corridor and asks for a favor — he wants help with his midterms and wants her to steal information from Miss Shaw’s laptop at the hotel at the robotics competition; he tries blackmailing her, stating he knows things that Noah wouldn’t want to know but she brushes it off.

The robotic competition

At a cafe, Elodie’s sponsor gives her the 30 days chip and praises her for doing so well. Episode 6 quickly moves to the robotics competition where Moe is with Chase. Brady texts Moe about her kissing Chase and she knows now what the blackmail is about. She heads to the hotel room and tries logging into Miss Shaw’s laptop. Chase joins her in the hotel room and discusses the elephant in the room (that they kissed) and they need to put their head back into competition. Moe tells Chase that they need to be friends as she still has a boyfriend.

Tabitha talks to Elodie about Ben and explains that they have a vibe — she’s had a crush on Ben since eleven. She hasn’t told Moe. Back to the robotics competition and Moe needs access back to the hotel room so she can get back to the room. Brady texts her again with more blackmailing but the receptionist won’t give her a room key she needs for access to the laptop.

Moe is upset

Elodie and Tabitha turn up and Moe tells them both what happened. She also reveals that Brady is blackmailing her. Moe is very upset believing she has messed up with a very decent guy. Tabitha offers to steal the exam data — Elodie states she cannot steal but she will help with interference. They put their plans together to get into the room. Big moment for Elodie who genuinely wants to overcome her addiction.

Retrieving the data

In the end, Elodie gets into the hotel room and Moe gives her the instructions. In the robotics competition, Elodie and Chase’s team start losing. Elodie looks quite disheartened that she’s failed on her 30 days chip by stealing the data for her friend. She texts Jillian to make herself feel better. Moe’s robotics team win the competition anyway despite the many distractions.

The ending

Elodie invited Jillian to the hotel so her friends give her a room key to use. Ben finds Tabitha at the hotel (she’s waiting for Elodie to finish with Jillian). Ben reveals he’s had a crush on Tabitha since they were kids. She admits to having a crush on him. He asks Tabitha for a dance.

Elodie and Jillian hook up in one of the hotel rooms but Elodie seems distracted — she feels its been an intense day; Jillian holds her hand and gives her a cuddle. Elodie reveals that she is a virgin and Jillian is relieved.

Elodie walks out of the hotel with Tabitha and throws her 30-day chip in the bin — she starts again. Episode 6, “Ocean’s 11th Grade”, is a little convoluted but we learn a lot about Elodie’s mindset which the audience will appreciate.

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